Thursday, August 30, 2007

A quick update here.
(im supposed to be writing this on 29th August, but it's already past midnight so it writes 30th August above =x )

I bought 3 hair extensions yesterday!
One golden-yellow, one blue and one pink! Hee. Love them to bits. Shall wear the colours according to my mood :)

I was in a very "i-love-camera" mode yesterday. Pardon.

My birthday is still more than a month away, but my parents dragged me off to the mall yesterday and bought a new phone for me! It's not a very new model, but i love it because the features satisfied all my needs :)

I chose the white colour version. i'm gonna look for some white and gold accessories for the phone soon.

(at least it's so much better than my current problematic 1.3 megapixel phone -.-)

Anyway, i finally watched JayChou's movie: Secret!

Thumbs Up. Was munching on popcorn all the way. I dont know why, but it seems that my appetite this few days have been really big. I buy food every few hours and fiona thinks im siao. hahaha.

After the movie, i was craving for fish, fish and fish. It didn't matter whether the fish was fried or grilled, but i just wanted fish. Junfei, SiSi, Yujing and me walked up and down the lanes of cineleisure trying to think of some place that seels delicious fish. Long John Silvers kept popping into our heads but we were reluctant to eat fast food. Haha. SiSi and Yujing finally brought us to this place at the top floor of The Heeren. Tucked away in a corner near 77th Street.


You could draw anything you want on the walls using paper, or on the tables. Too bad we only have a pen with us, and not permanant marker.

We saw someone wrote "i want a chiobu!" on this wall. LOL.

Quite a cute place. The wanton noodles were also great! Maybe i was hungry, or maybe the wanton noodles near my house isn't nice at all. The ice lemon tea tasted abit weird though.

I had wanted to take a photo of the signboard, but was too embarrassed because people will look at you and think you are ahsiao. We told Junfei to distract the customers while we run over and take a photo of the signboard. Haha. We suggested Junfei to yell, or dance on the table. Laughed till stomach pain.

In the end, YuJing took this photo. Heh. All credits to her.

Went over to youth park to slack after that. Junfei saw his friend and started getting super busy on his phone..

Alright. Nothing else. Sorry if this face below scared you. Haha. SUPER HEAVY PHOTOSHOPPING.

Gosh. It's 1 hour pass midnight already. Yawns. Good night!

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