Sunday, August 12, 2007

I stupidly drank some sweet coffee. i seldom drink coffee because i dont like the taste it leaves in my mouth, but i was really tempted by the packet of CafeNova at my table justnow.

It's making my sorethroat worst. *bangs head on wall*



okay, a couple of weeks ago, Nuffnang sent an email to all of their members asking them to write a blog entry about "what they would do for free movie tickets". If their blog entry gets chosen, Nuffnang will give them a movie ticket to watch the exclusive screening of RUSH HOUR 3.

Isaac and benjamin submited an entry each. Isaac asked me to join too, but i was too lazy at that time to think of anything creative, so i said i dont want the tickets. lol. Then afew days later, isaac screamed to me in msn that benjamin and him won 2 tickets each, so he's inviting me to the Nuffnang event!

Yay. i dont have to do anything and yet i got the tickets. Hee. All thanks to the fact that i have 2 really nice friends.

So well, the event was held on National Day and the venue was VivoCity.

The night before the event, isaac suddenly told me that dresscode was Red and White. I panicked right on the spot because there's no decent clothing in my wardrobe that is red and white! Luckily, xiaoping offered to borrow me her white dress and a red belt. Phew.

So the next day, xiaoping was really sweet to wake up early and travel from jurong to vivocity just to pass me the dress.

Plus, she gave me these really nice White Lilies! My favourite flower was Calla Lillies but she couldn't find any, so she remembered that my 2nd favourite was White lilies. Thanks, xiaoping!

She's the first girl who gave me flowers. Hee. To be exact, no one has ever gave me flowers. Yes, not even boys. Haha. I dont know why im always attached with guys who dont give flowers to girls. Grrr.

However, i now decide that i dont like white lilies anymore. After i got home that night, i put it into a vase of water, and guess what it looks like now??

Ewwwww. I was totally freaked out by those orangey thingy. It is furry, and scary. Haha. I dont know why, but i have a phobia of even looking at it now. It looks like insect sticking to my lovely lilies! Can someone tell me why my lilies grew such disgusting thing??

Okay, Isaac and Benjamin were super late AS USUAL, so we got to the exact venue at 1pm plus, almost an hour later than the time we were supposed to reach.

We queued up and got our stickers! Angie was a friend that Benjamin invited.

We also had goodie bags! Black for the boys and Pink for the girls.

What's in the goodie bag? Pardon for the bad quality photo. My camera is LOUSY. Inside is a Singapore flag, a shopping bag, 2 cup noodles, 3 types of coffee and a heart that could be squeezed. hahaha.

Saw many familar faces there,
for example:

- RoaringQueen, Thy dowager, and their bunch of friends. All so chio one sia. I was telling isaac that chio girls always come together to form a clique. When you turn your eyes to their direction, and you see a bunch of chiobu.

- Xiaxue: She's actually not that short lah. I thought she is really super short, but it turned out that her height is quite normal. She looks like her photos.

- Dawnyang: PRETTY!!!!! we all took photos with her :D

- Nadnut. Saw her after the movie. Cute!

- Jayden: Took a photo with him!
(see?! my short hair is so ugly lahs. Makes my face look damn round. I WANT BACK MY LONG HAIRRRR)
Before the movie, we went to the washroom and realised something. Although i usually spend a long time at the washroom touching up my makeup, benjamin and isaac were even slower than we girls! Me and Angie had to wait for them outside the boys toilet for decades.

It turned out that they were doing their favourite thing inside...


Okay, now to talk about the movie.

quite hilarious. i think the lead actress was kind of pretty too :)

The only bad thing about the movie was that since we reached late, there was only the first-row seats left for us! Boohoo. My neck was already tired from looking up even before the movie started.

After the movie, we went to the skygarden to take some photos!
Benjamin loves to act cute. Hah.See! He REALLY loves to act cute.But still, he's actually really cute lahs :D Emoing?? Hahaha.

Isaac owes me one ice-cream for helping him to cover his funny face. Hee. I dont want macdonalds 50cents icecream hor. Me and Angie!

%^&*$#%*!!!! Hate my round face.The sun was so irritating! Makes me squint my eyes when taking photos and that made the whole photo BLAHED.
Benjamin is taking photo with a StarFace girl.
Benjamin says: Not nice!

Benjamin says: not nice not nice! still not nice!

Benjamin says: Ya ya ya! Pose like that nice! Dont have your face.

It was so embarassing doing this because passerbys were all staring at us!

See? We love singapore THAT MUCH!But the singapore flag doesn't love us :(
We tried waving it to come back.

I dont know why but all the children fled the moment i stepped into the water.

Spotted DawnYang and in order not to regret that we didnt grab the opportunity, we rushed up to her and asked for a photo. I look sucky in the photo, but im still gonna post it up anyway :D

With Angie! Dawnyang looks so gorgeous!

Benjamin is super happy.

Isaac is also super happy. hahaha.

We felt hungry and went to Carls Jr to eat. We were aaahh-ing and ooohh-ing about Dawnyang all the way from the skygarden till our burgers reached us. LOL.

Isaac kept telling the waitress that he wants more chilli, and i think the waitress was abit pissed off. She took a really big bunch of chilli and threw them on our table, then walk away. You guys should have seen her face at that time. And the super many chilli packets she threw to us! As if we could finish THAT MUCH.

It was funny though. Haha.

Who is this?

Who is this?

Who is this?Who is this?
I ate fish! :D
The cashier speaks really fast, and because i dont know what she was talking about, i nodded to everything she said. And so, my meal was upsized for no reason -.-

CUTE RIGHT?!!! haha. and they didn't even planned beforehand to make faces together.

Overall, I had a nice national day!

Something downstairs my house is playing some really irritating music for the whole day. Grrrr.

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