Sunday, August 19, 2007

i tried making french toast for myself justnow, but i realise i forgot how to make it already! If you have the recipe, leave a comment here and tell me okay? Because i really really feel like eating french toast!

( note: CHA means "insert" in chinese)

Clement: my one not long leh! not long enough to "cha".
HCM: My one long enough.
Clement: ya. i think your one longer than mine.
HCM: we change position first...
Kimgeok: change position already will tangled
HCM: nvm larh, my one strong enough.
Clement: huh... later tangle together how.
HCM: we just change position first. your one not long what.

*changes positions*

Clement: Really your one longer sia. yay, can cha already.
HCM: kimgeok! this one your one ah?
Kimgeok: I dont know. I have nothing here for you to "cha" lah.
HCM: i cha already then help you switch on hor.
Kimgeok: It's already switched on!
HCM: Okay okay... Argghh~~.

HCM: kimgeok, dont switch off mine one hor,
Kimgeok: oei! why u anyhow cha my one!
HCM: i never cha yours lah. is clement cha your one.
Kimgeok: Clement, why you cha my one!
Clement: I never Cha your one!

Esther: i want to Cha my one already. i dont know how to cha leh...
MJ: i cha for you...
Esther: you must be gentle with it leh.

nope, we weren't doing some "ahem" thingy in school lah. we were just messing around with our laptop charger wires, and decided to use these terms. LOL. it was damn funny at that time, because the whole conversation was in chinese. After translation, it lost it's effect already :(

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