Tuesday, August 14, 2007


click on it click on it click on it!

i wonder why hengyi loves it so much.

im in school currently! there're two gays sitting beside me folding hearts and random shapes -.- haha. okay, they are not actual gays but i wonder why they are acting like one today. I think they are bored with science too.

Junfei just showed me magic using a $10 note. I forgot to video it down. Nevermind, it was quite a lame trick anyway. Haha. the good thing is that he gave me the $10 after finishing his magic trick! Heh. I think he didn't realise that he returned the money to the wrong person. Shhhh.

Our teacher carried the whole class to the library last friday since only 15 people turned up for school. Was bored and played around with Kimgeok's webcam.

Noticed the shelfs behind me? Our school library is really funny. It's big, it's beautiful, but 80% of the shelfs are empty. Hahaha. Before i entered this school, all the libraries i've went to before are all overcramming with books and i thought libraries were supposed to look like that and not this!

Anyway, i think boys who could play the guitar are really charming. Imagine my surprise when Noel called my handphone one day and started playing the guitar without even saying Hello first! haha. I get easily charmed by men who are playing the piano or guitar. Okay, i guess im speaking rather randomly here.

I had actually planned to consume nothing except plain water for 5 days, starting from yesterday. haha. That's to get rid of my round face. However, Ash ruined my plan yesterday by ordering pizzahut delivery in the afternoon -.-

Didn't eat dinner because i was too full by then, but i got up in the middle of the night to cook nice maggi-mee with egg for myself. Aaaahhh. I hope to be whisked off to the desert so that i could be forced not to eat anything.

i guess i should really stop talking like a bimbo here. Get a job and buy Xando slimming pills lah!

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