Saturday, September 1, 2007


Went back to my secondary school to meet up with ex-classmates yesterday just before going for work. Just for a little while, because i wasn't able to wake up earlier. I'm always late for everything. Haha.

Nolstagia overcame me the minute i stepped into the school. I haven't entered here since many months ago.
Most of the ex students were watching the teachers day performance at the school hall. I think im too used to the aircon at RP, because i sweated immediately after climbing one flight of stairs to the school hall which is very stuffy. I remember how we used to complain about the heat during school assemblies.
Many many people came back, and i saw many many familiar faces. Some people changed, some remained the same. Almost the whole of my sec4 class came! It was more like a class gathering than a teacher day celebration. lol.
I was wearing my pink hair extension that day, and they took it out from my hair to play. I dont know why they are so interested in a mere strand of fake pink hair. Haha. Jonathan clipped it on Denver's hair.
Fiona and Cherie adjusting it. They look like hairdressers, dont they?
Denver kept twirling his pink hair like those "gu niang" in olden chinese movies. Haha. Left us all laughing like crazy there.
We tugged and pull at his hair, he screamed and yelled. Finally he got tired and surrended. Ugly hair.
Someone announced that Yikai was interested in the pink hair, so we turned the attention on him! haha. I remember that for the past 4 years in secondary school, yikai had the nickname of "chio bu" because he has a pair of big round eyes, sharp nose, and nice fair complexion. If he was a girl, he'll be one chio bu. Haha.

Erm Yikai, your sideview is NOT NICE. haha.
Then, fiona started twisting my pink hair into a braid -.-
Went downstairs and saw many other ex schoolmates. Gathered around and talked.

i didn't notice it until i transferred it to my computer. haha. I shall name it: "illegal gathering".
Weidong came too! He has grown taller despite his "already-super-tall" height. Ms yeo, our ex-english teacher saw him, and decided to stand 2 steps above him in order to not look so short. haha.

Had fun. Wished i could stay longer but i had to rush to the PC show to work. Tomorrow will be the last day of the show already. Aaahhh. It's tiring work but fun! I'll miss those funny people in my booth :(

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