Thursday, September 13, 2007

Know why i didn't blog yesterday? Because i want you people to comment comment comment! Haha. Whenever there's very little comments for a particular post that i like, i would stop blogging for a day or two until the comments get more. LoL. I love my previous entry, because got Hunk's face =x

People have been msning me asking if i have felt the shake from the indonesia earthquake that happened yesterday. Surprisingly, i didn't leh. My house was so solid that i didn't even feel any tiny vibration. My friends did though. I think im not in the right location bah.

Noel has been keeping me in a rather good mood this few days. Hee. This is my favourite photo of him, stolen from his friendster account long ago. haha. He doesn't know, but he'll know as soon as he sees this!

Gosh. I know nothing will come out of me liking him, but i dont mind being silly for a little while :) im trying not to expect anything to progress between us because i dont want to end up in disappointments. Eligible Men, im still available! HAHAHA.

I want to blog about the things happening between me and him, but i think i ought to protect his privacy. So, Shhhhh. I'm not gonna blog anything between us regarding any bit of romance or what unless he becomes officially mine. Haha. For now, i shall just enjoy the way we are currently.

I guess you people are wondering why im not afraid Noel would come to my blog to see all these things right? Well, the reason is because i already told him i like him many days ago! Im just not the type of girl who can secretly like a friend without blurting out. So well, i prefer to be honest with how i feel towards someone.

I heard two of Rainie new songs, and love them!
One of them is slow melody song QueYang, and
another one is this cutesy song: REN YI MEN.

Listen to the song here!:
if you dont see the video here, you can go by this link:
( )

Sister asked me this question that day:
When you are giving birth, would you do it the "pushpushhhhh~~~!" way or the "operation way?"

I immediately replied: "operation way".
Why? because imagine having to stretch your vagina as big as the baby's head! That would be SO PAINFUL. And when they cut the connecting cord (whatever it's called), it'll be extra painful. What if you push halfway and the baby gets stuck? Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

Then my sister told me:
But if you do it the operation way, the pain will appear after the operation, and will last for at least one month (or 6 months, i forgot). But of course, the pain will be lesser than pushing the baby out. There'll be a scar on the tummy, i think.

So... hmm.
How about you girls?
Prefer the SUPER-PAIN-BUT-SHORT way, or

i still choose the second one.

my new class for the next semester is W15R! Anyone reading my blog from that class too? Hmm. Sian leh. Went through the class list, and i still think i'll prefer my old class. Oh well, let's just try to love this class lor. Luckily izzah got into the same class as me. Yay.

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