Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mum is realistic!

Went out with my family yesterday, and had fun because everyone was in a great mood.

I've mentioned in the past that i wish to go holidaying around the world before i get married. However, fiona doubted that mum would let me go overseas with my friends alone especially when im not married... She scared i luan luan lai lah. haha.

Out of boredom, we IMAGINED this scenario:

Me: Mummy, can i go to Paris with my friends?
Mummy: NO.
Me: Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
Mummy: NO.
Me: *sajiao*
Mummy: NO.
Me: *screams*
Mummy: NO.
Me: *throw pillows around*
Mummy: NO.
Me: If i bring you along, can i go?
Mummy: YES, of course!

haha. i told mum about that conversation, and she says: "True! If you treat me go, no even need to ask if can anot. Confirm can!"

Then i told her that i would be broke if i were to bring her along while i holiday around the world because daddy would protest that he wants to go too. Then, my sister will start complaining that it wont be fair if she cannot go.

so in the end, i would have to pay for 3 extra people other than myself. It's like... you buy one, you have to take care of the other two too. Okay, i sound abit complicated here already. And so, mum replied:

" Nevermind lah, bring me can already. No need to bring dad and sis. Haha."

*daddy pouts*
*sister pouts*

After that, we ordered 12 chicken wings for supper.

Someone said: YAY. each person 3 pieces!
Mum: No. you two kids get 2, while me and your daddy gets 4. *evil laughs~~*
Me: Cannot! Dont forget im the one who will bring you holiday, so you must invest more love on me! Hahahah.
Mum: ya hor. okay, you get 4, i get 4, daddy get 3, and sister get 1.

*sister pouts*

Of course in the end each of us get equally 3 piece lah.
Crappy family.

Gah. I think 80% of the people reading this doesn't know what im babbling about -.-

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