Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I've loads of photos waiting to be blogged but i have not finished organising them yet! Haha. mum wants me to sleep NOW because it's 11pm -.- it's like so early compared to normally lor. im not even sleepy! She wants me to sleep NOW because i pissed daddy off this morning when i refused to wake up even after he tried to wake me up for about 10 times. Hee. I was late for school 3 times since school start, and yeap, that means i was late every single day! Wah. Bad impression on the new teachers leh. LOL. She also wants me to sleep NOW because i kept falling asleep suddenly while doing other things =x I guess i was really sleepy in the morning and afternoon. But i dont know why i never get sleepy at night, especially when im so excited about my new batch of photos taken with friends!

Okay, nothing to say here except to tell you guys that it's not that i dont want to blog. It's my mum who wants me to sleep NOW. Saddening lah. Even after i "sa-jiao"-ed to her she still says i must sleep NOW.

Anyway, i love this comment that my previous teacher from the last semester gave to me! Everyone love compliments, right?

" You are a fun-loving person and ...........blahblahblah............ In my opinion, you were a fun addition to the class. Your peers could have learnt a lot from you, especially on how to have fun and yet perform with diligence. I wish you all the best for your future. "

he says that I AM FUN LOVING LEH!
Okay lah, to put it in a bad term, it's call:
" Not serious in class, keeps playing and laughing for nothing. "

CHEERFUL WHAT. Cannot meh.

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