Saturday, September 29, 2007

i wish someone would teach me how to play the piano. Just one nice song enough already, then i can haolian to people that i can play the piano. hohoho. I have an electronic piano which i bought afew years ago with $200. Now i feel it's such a waste of money because i seldom touch it. Imagine how many things i could buy with $200!

So far the only song i know how to play is the Happy Birthday song -.- LOL. that one was taught by my maid when i was around 8 years old.

Last year i tried to practise a melody but till now i could only play the intro portion. Heh. Quite lazy to learn the behind parts. I dont know how to read music sheets, so everytime i play the piano i play by memorising the steps and keys. Difficult lor.

I think guys get mesmerised easily by girls who play the piano. Right?

My birthday is approaching!!
Hip Hip Hurray.

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