Saturday, September 22, 2007

I think fiona will kill me if i dont blog about this by today. haha. It was monday when we went out together but i still havent blogged about our photos. i kept saying "i'll blog by tonight, i'll blog by tonight" but always ended up blogging about other stuffs.

alright, today's post shall be fully dedicated to her. And lots of my face.

First day of school, and i left class early. Hee. Went over to bugis to get my pc-show's paycheck. I would never shop alone inside SimLim Square for goodness sake! I'll definitely get lost with so many similar shops everywhere.

Fiona wants this photo to be posted up because she thinks that using her finger to poke me is amusing. I dont know what's so amusing about it. i only know my eyes are cocked in the photo. Gahhhh.
And after that, it means SHOPPINGGGGGGGG at bugis street. haha. I had alot on my shopping list, but i didn't managed to finish buying up all the things i want.

Everytime i go out with Fiona, i would surely overspend on impulse. Either on food or on things that i dont really need. This time, it was both!

I was planning to buy a pair of shades so that i can leave home without putting eye makeup in the future whenever i am late, but Fiona convinced me to buy two. Gah. I need two shades for what? Look, i can't even see much difference in them except that one was more red and the other was more brown. As if people would notice what im wearing. Anyone wants to buy one of them? im okay with it. Email me at Retail price $18. Selling off for $15. First come first serve, and im only selling one of them. Im keeping the another one for myself.

Fiona bought two too. I think the salesgirl was happy when we finally walked out of the shop because we were so mafan. We kept asking her which one nicer, which one more suitable. Hahaha. Fiona and the salesgirl decided those two for me because i dont know how to see which one suits me and which ones dont!

She bought a pair of new heels! I didn't found what i was planning to look for though. I can't find any of the kinds i want in online shops too.

This pair of heels was gorgeous. But too bad i could not wear closed-front kind. I dont like my toes to be squeezed.

Bought a top, 2 shades, and that's all. I pulled fiona to eat at the Bugis Cafe at level 2 with me because i was too lazy to walk all the way to Bugis Junction and i didn't want to eat at the stuffy hot coffeeshop downstairs. Chose this comfortable corner, and as usual, i took out my cam again =X

the grilled chicken wasn't very nice at first, but the more you eat, the nicer it gets. I dont know why. Haha. I didn't like those fat fries though. I prefer those macdonalds or longjohnsilvers skinny skinny kind.
The nuggets were marvelous.

The place was quite empty.

er. Sexy with nuggets.

I've watched her turn from "that face" 5 years ago into this babe now. Makeups, contact lens, hair, eyebrows, ....... I havent changed much except for my hair and makeup though.

And then, we started taking photo of each of us.
The two photos below are DIFFERENT hor. Not same! I couldn't decide which is nicer so i posted both up. =p

I find this adorable.
So i proceeded to act cute.
But then... i think i failed.

We had the very nice view of .................. the toilets.

Fiona has a longer tweeeece than mine.
Vain. But without being vain, i would look even worst than i am now. So sometimes, being vain is good :)

I like my nose here. The angle made my nose looked sharper than my usual flat nose.
Okay. Too white. I look like ghost.

okay. Now im the whitest ghost in the world.
Fiona is queen. Must listen to her.

Found this on the table. it says im PASSIONATE and ACTIVE leh :)
After resting enough at the cafe, we went to the alley to take photos!! :D The fun all lies while we took the photo, and not the results of the photo.

The photos say it all. We are besties :)

We looked so different from the outside.
She looked mature, sophiscated, cool and everything, while i was always treated as a little girl, short and with a kiddy face. We would always be categorised into different kind of girls.

But only we know how much similarities we have on the inside.

Seriously, i think there's something wrong with the flash. I forgot it was my cam or fiona's cam, but the flash totally deletes our nose with white colour!

And these are the ones that i edited so that the colour of my skin is more to red than white!

And yea, we were having so much fun even though we had shopped around bugis with our heavy laptops. Looked so out of place with my plain clothes and our laptops. Haha. Me and the new top that i bought. I like it. Isaac will love it too, because it's green. Hahaha.

Sec one same class.
Sec two same class.
Sec three same class.
Sec four same class.
Even into poly, we got into the same course, and we even ended up in the same block same level for semester one.

We've seen each other turn from little girls to what we are now. Going through so much together, putting our hopes together, whinings, laughing, crying, screamings and chatting from night till dawn.

Nothing is better than a bestfriend whom you can tell all your deepdown secrets and failures to, and you know she wont be mocking at your failures and weakpoints.

I love my best friend.
And i know she loves me too.


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