Thursday, September 20, 2007


im in class currently, and something super embarrassing happened just now. i asked one of my ex-facilitators what classes he would be taking this semester, and coincidentially, he's teaching the class next to mine! argh. Why isn't he taking my class instead? It's be more fun lor.

So anyway, i came out of my classroom to talk to him, and i randomly asked: "The class you taking got hunks anot ah?". And so he asked me to look inside. So after i opened the door of his class, he introduced me to his class saying: "Everyone, this is Ice-Angel, a blogger...... blahblahblah..... so go and view her blog okay."

I was super shocked and didn't know what to react, so i just stared at the class, and probably my mouth was agap. Speechless. Hahaha. It's super embarassing leh.

Apparently, some people from that class thought i was the one who asked the faci to introduce me -.- Well, im not thickskin to that extent alright. Here's what my faci has to say after he knew about it:

(Click on picture to view full version)

Anyway, i am busy online-shopping in class! Went to and found some beautiful pieces that i might consider buying, if they could fit me.

I love this style. I want the whole set!! Plus her hair.

I want her face i want her hair!

I said: Wah. I want her legs!
Sasi says: I want her.

And here are some random photos taken today.

My breakfast with kimgeok!
Two yummy sunny-side-ups.

My school's bubble tea from level one is superb! I love the pearls.

Me and my new classmate who is also fiona's old classmate~! Haha. Her wardrobe can last her 6 weeks without repeating what she wore before!

Melissa happily bought this 20cents slimming tea from a vending machine downstairs our class.

And when she excitedly opened it, she got disappointed because it's not slimming tea! It's a package of things to help smokers quit -.- HOAX leh!

alright, alright.. Why am i blogging about new photos when i have tons of old photos not blogged yet! hahaha. i'll try to go back home early tonight and finish editing the other photos!

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