Saturday, September 8, 2007

You all know that
means smiley.

You all know that
means sad.

However, I realised that each different person have different interpretations of this sign:

What's your meaning for this sign? Comment to tell me alrights? I want to know what majority of the people read this sign as.

I was randomly browsing around youtube, when i saw this old song which i havent heard since so long ago. I used to love this song alot, but today was the first time i actually saw the mv.

Vivian Hsu is so cute and pretty here. OMG!

Anyway, im advertising for this online shop that is holding shopping sprees from taiwan. Affordable prices! Do take a look by clicking on this banner below, or the banner at my sidebar. I think im going to get afew pieces from her. You all should too!


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