Friday, September 14, 2007

Had wanted to introduce this song to you all some time back but forgot about it. I think the lyrics are very meaningful, but abit chim. So if you understand, great!

Sammi - [Ta Men Shuo]
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Today was my last day at my workplace, and for dunoe what reason, today's time was crawling like a snail. I sat freezing in that chair for what seem like afew hours, only to realise that actually it's just 5 minutes and not 5 hours -.-

If you knew me long enough, you would know that you cannot leave me alone on a cold afternoon without anything to do. When i have nothing to do, i will start thinking. And when i start thinking about things, i'll start becoming emo.

In a flash, i wrote down all this on a piece of paper.
(everything was wrote on impulse, so erm, it might be too emo and stupid)


1) Guy A
Things are fine, but it seems that we can never advance from this "more-than-friends-but-less-than-a-couple" kind of relationship. Sometimes when he is really sweet and caring, i would tell myself im contented and shouldn't ask for more. But at times when im alone, i start feeling like a fool, realising that deep inside i was expecting much more than i should. I dont want to be a burden to him. There are times when i just want to give up and walk completely out of his life, but there's something holding me back.

2) Guy B
We used to date. He was a great boyfriend. Some sort of things happened, and he decided to leave. I moved on and dated another guy after afew months. Then, he suddenly came back and poured me with love. He was sincere in wanting me back, but unfortunately i was smitten with my bf at that time. I think i gave him alot of false hopes, and made some horrible mistakes that might have hurt him alot. He doesn't want to forgive me now. I do care, a little of the feelings is still there. But oh well, no matter what i say, he has been giving me the cold shoulder. Im sorry for the things i've done, and hope he could forgive.

3) Guy C
We used to date one year ago. I liked him alot at that time, and everyone could see that. We separated for some reasons, and recently we contacted again. For afew nights, we sort-of flirted abit and chatted pass midnight till almost sunrise. Sometimes it seems like we could be back together. But someone who sincerely wants you back wouldn't only call you 3 days in a week right?

4) Other guys.
They aren't worth mentioning much. Beautiful sweetalks come out of their mouth but no sincerity in them. Whoever heard of a guy chasing after a girl by smsing her 3 times a week? -.- For me, i might have been interested in you today, but if you didn't contact me for the next 3 or 4 days, i'll lose complete interest in you. Well, unless you have something in you that's too charming to resist.

Where were all these guys when i needed someone to get comfort from, someone to talk to? GuyA would be engaged on the phone with another girl as usual, GuyC cannot even be found, and i find no interest to find other guys whose idea of chasing after a girl means only depending on sweetalks OCCASSIONALLY.

Well, i have to thank HCM, who accompanied me last night even though he was already tired and sleepy. thanks for the comforting me with words i want to hear. I know you weren't serious about some of the things you said, but it had made me feel alot better. Thanks for being there when i cried, even though you dont like girls that always cry.

Why do others have it easy while i dont?

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