Friday, September 21, 2007


Do i have the "im attached" words written on my forehead?? Im NOT attached! I dont know why but recently for the past few months, people always thought that im attached. And when i ask them how come they think im attached, they say because i have alot of photos taken with isaac in my friendster photogallery. AIYA -.- He is not my boyfriend lah. I also have photos there taken with Benjamin and Lester mah. Where got him only. Isaac is just a good friend, and probably one of the best guy friend that i like to go out with. Because he likes taking photos (especially unique photos) and most guys dont. Haha. That's the reason why i have so many photos with him! I seldom take photos with other guys that i go out with because they have the "i dont like to take photo" face. lol.

Bah. The worst thing is, when i asked some people why they thought i was single, they replied: "dont know lei".

Alright, let me think. Who have i blogged about recently that makes people misunderstand that i have a boyfriend?

Shunlai? No, i've already stated there that our relationship ended 6 months ago.
Noel? No, we haven't even started dating.
Who else? No more already what.

Okay, so i've clarified myself already.

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