Monday, September 10, 2007



Sorry for those who dont read chinese. Haha. Get someone to read it aloud for you!

It has been hours since i reached home, but my makeup is still stucked at my face. Haha. Had a quick shower after getting home, and i immediately plopped on top of my bed and slept like a pig. It had meant to be a short nap, but i ended up sleeping for several hours. I only woke up after mum called home, and i realised that i spent half the afternoon sleeping. Very sleepy luh, because i have been having late nights and early mornings recently.

Ever since i finished using my makeup-remover-wipes, i've been rather lazy to get new ones, so everynight i would just rub off my makeup with tapwater. i have to do it vigorously because i use alot of eyeliner on my eyelids instead of eyeshadow. Yes, i know it's gonna hurt my skin, but aiyah, next time problem next time worry. lol.

This few days have been rather boring. School is going to start in one week! It seems that the holiday has been passing very fast. Hope my new classmates are friendly people :)

Met up with Fiona after work yesterday, and we spent some little girly time together. Just simply walking around and talking about things. Went into the arcade and played with the racing cars. Then, fiona said she want to play this game.

Im super lousy at it lah. I lost 2 rounds within seconds! haha. Not fair, because fiona has the game in her mobile phone and she has trained herself already! Heh. In the end, fiona got to play around 7 more rounds or so, while i was left looking at her screen, wowing at her skills.

Met up with her friend Xiao Ai after that, and we bought Donuts from the newly opened Yummy Bakery shop at WhiteSands. The donuts are indeed expensive, because $1.20 and you get a very small sized donut. Pay the same amount, you could get a bigger sized donut at 7-11 which is only afew steps away.

But oh well, 7-11 doesn't have the colourful range of flavours to choose from though. Fiona bought 6 for her family, while i bought one cheese flavoured one. Nice! I'll go back again to buy for my family when i have $7 in my wallet. I have been rather broke recently, because i would always spend the exact amount my mum gives me each day, and go home with only afew cents in my wallet. Haha.

Anyway, everyone i asked have already ate Donuts from Donut Factory before, ALL except me. Noel says he's going to queue with me one day. Yay. However, i doubt that day would not be coming soon. Meanwhile, who wants to queue for me?? ^^

I love ShiLin's XXL chicken! One good thing about my workplace is that there's a Shilin taiwan snacks shop downstairs, so could go buy whenever i have a craving for it while working!

XiaoPang had a party last night till this morning, so he suggested that he could bring me to work. Haha. He was abit drunk lor. Brought me to work, and stayed there to accompany me for afew hours before he realised he couldn't tahan the dizziness anymore and took a cab home.

Thanks for the breakfast treat! It has been so long since i last ate Big Breakfast. Everytime i go to macdonalds to eat breakfast with fiona, i would order sausage mcmuffin instead. I dont know why though. Haha.

Had cheecheongfun for lunch.

Mummy brought home alot of candies!

There are also lollipops, mints, and alot more elsewhere. I couldn't find them, so i only took this photo. Haha. The main thing is.... THE JELLIES! i love them as much as i love money! I took away all the jellies and hid them in a corner, because if i leave them somewhere visible, my sister is bound to finish them up the moment i walk away. Haha. I love them, especially when they are cold, freshly taken out from the refrigerator. Once i pop one into my mouth, i couldn't stop myself from eating another one! And while im typing this, i realised that i have finished all the jellies in my house already. Ooops, hope my sister doesn't read this. LOL.

I dont like agar agar by the way. Although agar agar is abit like jelly, but jellies are so much better!

Do you people remember this song?

At that time, 5566 was super popular, and i really loved to watch their "Xi Jie Shao Nian", because the street teens there looked so cool~! I even told my mum that i want to live there. Haha. Now 5566 seems to have vanished. Im not a fan of them, so it doesn't really bother me. I love Fei Lun Hai though~!! They are super cute, especially Da Dong (which fiona proclaims as HERS and only HERS), WuZun and Aaron. Haha. Im not really interested in the another guy though. Hee.

Alright, quite a random update. No choice lah, no interesting things happening. BB!

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