Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wheee. Finally i have some time to blog properly. I've many photos taken during my four days working at the Comex Show, so well, here they are. I was too lazy to edit my face on some of the photos though, spot them!

Huimin was working with me, and as usual we ended up spouting nonsense throughout the four long days. haha. I'm glad that the people in my booth were fun. At least it made up for the pain i had to endure for standing on high heels 10 hours a day.

This is Huimin and Me! Although we did took quite many photos together, only this looked presentable. Well, only after so much photoshop.

Let's introduce the people in my booth!
The most important person is of course the boss. But well, no comments about him. He is No fun =x

me and huimin calls him "30 year old". Haha. He's DA HAO REN okay. lol. He's super nice to me and huimin, but i can't say what he did. It's a secret between 3 of us. Bleah.

Alright, actually he's only 23. But seriously, he does look like 30! He was quite heartbroken when everyone told him that we thought he was 30+. Lol. Huimin and i had fun "bullying" him.
Our in-charge!
Cute face. Nice person.

Jian Ping.
He's always yaya-ing about his amount of sales. Grrr. Quite helpful though. I had fun "suan-ing" him. Haha.

Everyone's impression of her is "mini skirts". Lol. She wore mini skirts all through the 4 days and proved to us something. Most men are se-lang! All she have to do is to stand outside the booth, press on her handphone, and men would fly to her and buy bags from her.

Lesson Learnt: Next pc show, wear a skirt as mini as possible. haha. I told huimin that we should wear bikini instead, and we'll surely top the sales. It doesn't matter how our figures are. They are only interested in more surface area of skin. No offence.

Zhong Yi. He looked 30+ too. But actually he was only 24. Looks like one hongkong actor. Thought he was unfriendly at first. In the end, realise he's quite funny. Haha.

Other people include:

Ernest- Super silent guy. Didn't see him smile before except in JianPing's friendster photo. Realised he had a sense of humour at the last day. Will elaborate on it later.

Jin Mao- Cashier's friend. I call him "Jin Mao" because he got golden hair. Quite shuai. Worked in the booth beside us. He talked to me on the last day! Wheeeeeee. Alright, what's the big deal. Haha. I'm glad there was many shuaige in our booths, because there wasn't any shuaige in the booths surrounding us. Boo. Not even one.

Joan- Cute. But she gave me "big" surprise on the 3rd day -.-
Me, huimin and her were chatting during work, and ....

Joan: You from RP right?
Me: Eh?! how you know??
Joan: Because you are ice-angel mah.
Me: *shocked face*
Huimin: *looks at my shocked face and laughed*
Me: You mean you knew i was ice-angel right from day one??
Joan: Ya.
Me: Wah! then why you never tell me! This means that i've shown you all my unglam moments for the past 3 days lah?! This means you've seen me laughing uncontrollably, doing stupid actions and standing with my tummy sticking out??!
Huimin: *Continues laughing*

So embarrassing lah.

Our booth!

We were selling printers and original IBM bags. Huimin decided to stand beside the printer with the most commission, but ended up standing beside the bags corner in the end because she finally realised that bag was easier to sell.

Only the first day and we are already spending alot of time in the toilets so that we dont have to work that much.

Painted too much eyeliner on my eyes that day.

The crowd.
The vendor forgot about our dinner, and we ended up going home with empty stomachs :(

The vendor remembered our dinner! However, the food was yucky. I think i cook better. But still, better than no food.

Mediacorp came to do a news report! We decided to make noise when they were interviewing the booth opposite us. If you hear many "hp printers...... external harddisks..... hp printers.... external harddisks....." in the background, it's us. If you didnt hear it, most probably the editor had a hard time editing out our irritating voices. LOL.

Met many "extraordinary" customers. Huimin had one customer who asked her: "Can this printer print nude photos? Print already nice anot? Can you print one nude photo to show me the quality??"
LOL!! humourous fella.

Anyway, Zi Wei came over to find me. Haha. Chatted awhile and after that he went off to find his friend.


Was craving for donuts, but i was rushing late as usual and could not queue up at the Suntec's Donut factory before work start as planned. Bought these donut balls from 7-11 instead. Yummy. ( Psss. who want to queue donut factory for me?? i havent ate any of them before leh.... )

I was late, but Huimin was later than me. Haha. Spent spare time taking photos.

This was our messy table.

Was lazy to work, and decided to take pictures for fun! This photo was taken by huimin.

This was taken by me. Damn Boliao.

I love nasi bryani. The fish was marvellous. The veggies were inedible. I ate none.

At the end of the day, we were stacking these printers up, when huimin suggested bringing them to the cashier pretending that a customer bought all of them. After he finish scanning all of them into the computer, we would then say "just kidding lah."

haha. Just imagine that we really did it is enough to make me laugh at the poor cashier.


Waited huimin for more than 30 minutes at cityhall mrt station. She was late! This is me and my blue extension. See that my upper lip was swollen? Lack of water and too much of promoting printers. BAD and PAINFUL.

Ate only the veggies and meat. The MeeHoonKuay was tasteless. Wasted $3.50.

Heavily photoshopped of course. I dont put THAT MUCH eyeliner. Haha.
Had chicken rice. I love chicken rice :)

JianPing: My friend say the last pc show had too many people coming, and they had to make the escalators all go down, and none going up to lessen the crowd.
Huimin: Then why this pc show dont have that much people one! See! Nobody walk past here one! *points to the empty path infront of us*
Esther: Ya lor. can even rollerblade here.
Huimin: Can even go skiing!

Caution: Many of my faces.
Fake smile.
Fiona says this photo look like Baichi -.-
She says nexttime if she bad mood, she just need to look at this photo and she'll burst out laughing. Alright, i shall do a good deed by posting this up here and let her laugh more then.
Fiona say this photo not nice. But i love my skin complexion here!~~Alright, i think all of the poses looked the same.

Was bored.

Clement came to find me! I told him that there are alot of chiobu around. Yesterday he told me at msn:

clemmy15 says:
that day u should see sony there
clemmy15 says:the girls so chio
clemmy15 says:
almost like fake dolls =.=
clemmy15 says:
so real until so fake. lol.
' ESTHER says:i know. i saw.
' ESTHER says:
you stand there look at them ah. lol
clemmy15 says:
huh u saw me?
' ESTHER says:
haha. no lah. i expected you to do that.
clemmy15 says:
lol. super pretty until like fake dolls
' ESTHER says:you never walk past them bluff bluff want flyer?
clemmy15 says:
clemmy15 says:
clemmy15 says:they modelling mah. than all the tikopeh photographers (all guys) keep taking photos. flashes everywhere. haha.
' ESTHER says:
ya lah! no photographers take my booth. BIAS!!!
clemmy15 says:
i stand at the side, than kanna electricuted a few times. (bei dian dao)
' ESTHER says:
clemmy15 says:the eyes oh my. ^^
' ESTHER says:yuan lai you go pc show to look girls one -.-
clemmy15 says:hahaha
' ESTHER says:se lang!!!!!!!!
clemmy15 says:no la. but so pretty, don't see maybe nextime cant see liao
clemmy15 says:so i just see a while. lol

hahahah! But seriously, those girls were super pretty. I think all guys go pc show look girls only. DONT DENY!

Isaac came to find me too! Together with Benjamin and Lindy.

I made a big big big mistake of wearing this white tee. Makes me look damn fat. Grrr.

Benjamin had bad phototaking skills that day.

Isaac, Me, and my big hand.

Nikki gave me one piece of this Liquor chocolate and it was heavenly! When you bite into the chocolate, a flow of liquor will come out. Really nice!

Jian Ping exclaimed that the liquor was strong. I think it's okay only lah. Haha. Lucky JianPing didn't get drunk after eating the chocolate because im sure he would spout rubbish to the customers: "this printer only $18!"

The cappuccino flavour was nice! But i had to eat my usual clorets mint after that to cover the coffee taste in my mouth though. I dont like coffee taste to stay in my mouth.
I walked behind Jianping and slapped him on the back. He didn't notice the paper until i showed him this photo. LOL.

Jason saw me putting this on his arm but he didn't took it out.
Only tofu nice. I love tofu.
Towards the end of the day, everyone was already in "end work" mood and messing around. We saw Ernest doing this and guess why he did this.
He was too lazy to stand up and shout "hardisks... hardisks..." , so he made a banner using the cardboard, wrote the words on top, and sat down -.-

When we saw this, we laughed like ahsiao. Haha. Yuan lai he so lame one.

I had nothing to do and went over to the cashier to "bully" him. Haha. Played with his chops.
Jason gave me this to bring home :)
touchscreen soduku leh! Played this today. Current record is 5 minutes to solve one soduku game. Shall try to break my own record again.

Me and huimin threw all these boxes of thumbdrives into this laptop bag to experiment how much thumbdrives a bag could steal. LOL. imagine if a customer bought this bag home and got all these free thumbdrives!

Many paper wasted in this pc show. There was a whole pile of flyers at the sony booth like mountains. Didn't take photo of it.
During packing time, actually only the guys were doing the work and we girls are all sitting and relaxing. Decided to put ourselves to use, and began helping the guys. Nikki helped jason, I helped JianPing, and Huimin went to help another microsoft guy.

I had a phobia of penknives, but bravely held one in my hand for about half an hour because i was helping JianPing to cut the scotchtape. Accidently pierced his hand using the penknife though. So scary! I could feel the blade going through his meat. Sorry sorry!

Many funny things happened and i remembered that i was laughing continously. I wanted to share those on my blog, but sadly, i forgot most of the things that happened already. Aiya! Lousy memory skill.

I want work in the next PC show again! With the same colleagues! How i wished this pc show had been 4 weeks instead of only 4 days :(

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