Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guess what this is?

Haha. That's not the topic for today. The real topic is...


He came over to visit me at workplace today. He is SO CHARMING luh. Haha. Did nothing much, just took many many photos. He kept deleting after taking! -.-"

Cute hor cute hor?!

I love it when he smiles with his teeth visible. The smile can melt down 100 girls at a time i think. Haha.

I dont care if i look weird in the photos or not. The focus is HIM!

His fingers are super long! Measured and realise his fingers are about one inch longer than mine. Much more slender than mine too! Wah.

I brewed tea for him. haha. He's blowing it cold for me to drink because i complained it's too hot. Secret shot ^^ He doesn't know i took this photo. Haha.

Okay. I guess i sound too obsessed over him already. Lol. Back to myself. Me and my super-dried hair. I've been using loads of conditioner but it still remains this way. I think i dyed it too many times already.

Haha. After noel went off to find his friend, i was almost smiling for the rest of the day sia. Crazy.
We were supposed to go home together but his hp battery went flat and i couldn't contact him. Grrr!

Anyway, Noel is not my boyfriend lah.
He's just someone special :)

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