Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random No.1

I think i need to go to the dentist as soon as possible. My gum keeps bleeding, and im afraid it would be gum disease. Gah. Why primary school and secondary school kept forcing us to go for the free dentist checkups, but polytechnics dont have free dentist?!!

Go dentist must pay $100 ++ leh. I rather spend it on shopping that staying in the white room for one hour.

Random No.2:

Just afew hours after i posted up that "IM SINGLE LAR" entry 2 days ago, Xihong came to talk to me on msn and said this:


Random No.3:

Guess what i've been doing the whole afternoon? I digged up all my photos when i was still a kid from my daddy's cupboard! Some are really funny, and i wonder why my looks changed drastically when i turn from 6 years old to 7 years old -.-

Will post up those photos nextime when i have more time!

Random No.4:

I was talking to someone on msn that day, i forgot who, and i told him: "Nu ren bu huai, nan ren bu ai" - which means "girls not bad, boys wont like."

Then i suddenly thought of another one which also rhymes in chinese: "Nu ren tai hao, nan ren hui pao" - which means "girls too good, boys will runaway."

Fiona agrees. Hahaha.

Random No.5

Do you people like FanWeiQi? I like! I think her character is very cute :)
I've been listening to FanWeiQi's new album, and i liked 3 of these songs best.

Go search and listen to these songs!:
- Shi Fei Ti
- Zhe Xue Jia
- Ni Zhi You Yi Ge

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