Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today's winnie's bday party but i couldn't attend due to some problems :( So sorry!

Nothing special this year. Was working for an event today, and working tomorrow as well. Will be having a little christmas party with my colleagues at the restaurant in the night.

Hitting a rough patch again, so im somehow feeling very miserable to blog anything happy. Hope you people have a merry christmas though!

Received some handphone accessory in mail some time ago. It was a charity drive by one of my classmates and to show support, i bought two, one for me and one for boyfriend! Actually, i forced him to hang both on his hp. lol.

Philips sent me this little beautiful mp3 some time back. I got the black version. Love the design! The sleek and fashionable exterior.

It works as an extra fashion accessory for babes out there!

The buttons are easy to work. Direct and simple.
To play and pause, just press the whole mp3.

Connect it with your mobile phone!
Caller ID and number displays with blue lights on the shiny glass cover, One headset for music and phone calls, Switch to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone in one click of the button, Up to 100-hour standby time and Up to 4-hour talk time!

Drag and drop your song and data - no software needed. So simple and easy, even a 10 year old would know how to use :)

There's also FullSound™ to bring CD listening experience to MP3. When i tried on the mp3, i felt the outside world was gone. Even the tapping of my seat comes with an echo.

Shuffle button is easily accessible without having to change settings! Ultimate convenience.
Up to 10-hour MP3 and WMA music playback plus FM radio~!

How else can it be better??

Anyway, Milly's from Fareastplaza is going to sponsor me new hair extensions again! Do you think i should continue having straight hair again, or curled extensions? Hmmmm...

Transfering the vpost-nuffnang xmas pictures now. Will blog about it soon! :D:D

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