Monday, December 8, 2008

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Shouldn't have bought that ring.

I was walking around whitesands a couple of days ago, and walked into an accessories shop. As i didn't have any cash with me at the moment, i asked the salesgirl if i can use card to purchase. She said can, so i went to see if there's anything that catches my eye. I spent like half an hour inside and finally saw one pretty blingbling ring with a cursive "e".

The price was like $11.90, then the salesgirl told me must more than $15 then can use swipe card -.- As i didn't have any cash with me, i could only reluctantly say buy to the ring.

I think something was stopping me from buying that ring.
But impulsive me went to withdraw money and went back to the shop again to get the ring!

2 hours later, i realise that one of the diamonds is missing. I dont know if i was the one who accidently scratched it off or i didn't notice it in the shop as the lights were bright and quite difficult to see properly.

I was very sad about the little flaw :( And i couldn't go back to change too, because it's the last piece already.

Then later that night, i was sleeping when i suddenly woke up with a tug on my hair. I usually sleep sideways with my hands under my pillow, which is under my head. I realise that my hair got tangled to the ring's cursive "e" -.-

It was already late into the night and the house was quiet so i didn't dare to walk to the mirror to see how to untangle the ring. And so, i took away my finger from the ring and tried to remove tangles that i couldn't see (the ring was tangled almost the top of my head). My hands got tired after awhile and the tangles seem to be getting more and more tangled. Pffttt! I got really frustrated and realised that i shouldn't have bought that ring.

Heh, i just noticed that the first 5 words and the last 5 words of the above passage is the same.

(*updated: Wah! now 2 piece of diamond drop off already! )

Went iceskating with bf the other day for our one year one month anniversary. We were quarreling quite badly and even broke up about a week before that, but he sort of treated me nicer and everything is fine now :)

$20++ per pax if you went there without any gloves/socks/neccessary items.

At first i held on to boyfriend tightly and refused to let him slide away because i was afraid of falling. But after afew rounds, i realise i wasn't making any improvement so i tried to let go slightly and after falling down a number of times and pulling him down with me, im finally able to at least walk on the ice! Hee, i still can't glide fast though, cos i will unbalance. Haha. It's a shame those kids do it better than me.

My makeup was super light that day. So, no pictures of me!

After ice-skating was steamboat buffet! Im a lover of seafood, especially fish, prawns and crab! Bf doesn't seem to like buffets though, he say very mafan have to selfservice -.- I like buffets because i can eat as much as i want without worrying about the bill. I dont like those western restaurants where i can only eat one dish throughout the meal. So uninteresting.

There was teppanyaki and bbq too. We just have to give them our plate of raw meat and they'll do it for us.

The crab was yummy, very fresh!

The prawns served to us were live!! They seem to be trying to jump out of the bowl and i was so terrified that i stood at least 2 metres away. None of us wanted to be the one to "kill" the prawns. I can even imagine the look on their faces if i use a chopstick to slowly put them into the boiling water. EWWWW!

In the end, the waitress came over to help by throwing all the prawns into the water and close the lid. After afew minutes when we open up the lid, the prawns were red and cooked.

I happily said: "it's not us who killed the prawns! :D "
At least we didn't see the process of the prawns dying. That's gross.

Im not a fan of eclairs.
but theirs are SUPER GOOD!

Less than $20 per pax - Zhen Fa Huo Hai Xian (Novena)

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