Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Winnie came over to my house just now and when she was about to leave, she realise that her pair of heels is missing. She had left them outside the house instead of putting them inside.

After some time scrambling around my shoe boxes for a shoe that is small enough to fit her little feets, (im size 7, she's 6) we finally found a strappy pair of wedges that she could walk in.

When we reached downstairs, a guy (looks afew years older than us. Like around 20-22 only) looked at us and then asked us in a nervous way: "did you lost your shoes?"

Me and winnie were stunned while he took out winnie's pair of heels from his bag. He stuttered his explaination, which was something like this:

He claimed that he was behind us when we walked towards my house from the bus stop. He said he "didn't take much notice of us", and then saw us walking into the lift. After having dinner with his supervisor, he was at the busstop when he overheard a china lady talking on the phone with winnie's shoes in her hands. The lady was saying "i picked up a pair of shoes!". The guys went over to demand the heels back. After some failed persuasion, he forked out $20 to "buy back" the pair of heels, and sat down at the voiddeck of my home after that to wait for us to come down.


I thought he said he didn't take much notice of us? How come he remembered the pair of shoes belong to winnie? I dont believe there would be anyone trying to get back a pair of heels for a total stranger. I dont believe anyone would wait at the voiddeck without knowing what time we would finally come down. I dont belileve in such coincidence. When i asked him where his supervisor's home was at, he pointed to a direction where it's impossible for him to "saw us get into my flat's lift", unless he was a stalker or he took one big round to his supervisor's flat.

He then asked if he could sit on the cab with winnie cos he wants to go back to tampines, but winnie was in a hurry to go to town. He then suggested that he can take the cab with winnie to town, and then he will take mrt back to tampines himself -.- I live in pasir ris leh... who in the right mind would go to orchard from here and then turn back to tampines?

In the cab, he asked winnie for her hp number to "pay her back the cabfare". Wahlao, want to get number from a girl no need to do and lie so many things right?? At least if he said that he waited at the voiddeck for afew hours just to get winnie's number, still believable lor.

Well, Winnie didn't give him her number.

Now im afraid. Because that guy knows exactly where i live! What if he camp outside my house and then pounce on me when i leave the house and pester me for winnie's number?

Nextime i dont want to bring pretty girls to my home already.

Anyway, Arghhh.

Last night i was happily surfing the net when suddenly the family was craving for ice-cream. I placed my laptop properly on the sofa, and went off to scoop ice-cream.

While i was excitedly eating the icecream, my sister did something to my horror. She toppled over my laptop and SAT ON THE SCREEN!

-.- It was accidental, but the damages was big! Now 85% of the screen is white colour, covering everything. I can see my mouse still moving nicely in those parts where i can still see. Everything in the hardisk is okay except the screen. But what is the use of having a working hardisk when you can't even do anything with the laptop because you can't see anything on the screen??

I need to repair the screen real soon.
Everything is inside that laptop!

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