Friday, December 19, 2008

Photoshoot with Magdalene.
i think she's a natural beauty :)

Almost all the pictures turned out beautiful, but these 3 are my favourite because they are the most emotive :)

1. You said you wouldn't leave me, why did you?

2. Lonely Christmas

3. Love this picture. It looked like it came out from a music video ^^

I still have lots of photos not edited yet~ Next up would probably be Celestina (lingerie shoot! *winks*), JD (a male!), and probably Gloria or Michelle!

I'm offering portraits photography currently, so if you are interested in modelling for a set of photos to keep, you can email me to ask for my photography portfolio and charges for different packages.

If you like my works, we can arrange for a photoshoot session. Dont worry about being male/female, old/young, fat/skinny, pretty or not, because I wont reject anyone paying for my services.

The selected pictures will be burnt into a cd and mailed to your house with registered postage without additional costs.It was a great experience working with those people who engaged my photography services for the past few weeks and i had fun! I'm sure they did too :) Email to :) Will reply you asap! Thanks people :D

Anyway, my spectacles broke! Not the frame, but the glass/plastic! I was taking off my shirt then suddenly "Crack!", it broke into two pieces. Boohoo, and so i bought a new pair of spectacles today, $199. (no money currently, can only buy these budget brandless ones *sads* Boyfriend mentioned afew months ago that he want to buy agnesB spectacles for me but it didn't happen... Evil! Always say for fun only... Hmmph!)

Design is thick black frame so that i look like a nerd and nobody would notice it's me =) On lazy days, i can wear it without eyemakeup! Show you all the picture after i collect it from the shop this weekend... Without spectacles very xinku, cos i always surf the net late into the night and by this time the contact lens would have gone dry and uncomfortable. If dont wear contact lens also cannot because im almost blind~

Well, my eyes are begging me to go sleep now, so i shall end arubtly here! Tell me which of the 3 above you like most :)

Also, updated with a new collection. Do support! Model is not winnie this time. It's Amy, another great friend of mine :)

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