Sunday, December 28, 2008

How was your xmas??
I celebrated it with my colleagues, and it was traditional. Turkey, honey baked ham, presents exchanging, etc. Pictures some other day! Too lazy to transfer pictures now =)

Im such a busy girl.
I hardly even have time to go online and do all the stuffs that im supposed to do by now (for example, sorting out the vpost xmas pics =x )

A picturey entry today! ^^

Had the opportunity to shoot this Italian Model from Milan yesterday!

Which one is your favourite??
I can't decide which one i like best.

I'm offering portraits photography currently, so if you are interested in modelling for a set of photos to keep, you can email me to ask for my photography portfolio and charges for different packages.If you like my works, we can arrange for a photoshoot session. Dont worry about being male/female, old/young, fat/skinny, pretty or not, because I wont reject anyone paying for my services.

The selected pictures will be burnt into a cd and mailed to your house with registered postage without additional costs. It was a great experience working with those people who engaged my photography services for the past few weeks and i had fun! I'm sure they did too :) Email to :) Will reply you asap! Thanks people :D

Anyway, im wearing my new spectacles everyday now instead of contact lens! Because everyone in my workplace loved the new look more. Will show you people some day okay? :D

Gotta rush to work again. Im late everyday T_T

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