Monday, December 22, 2008

(i think tangyuans gives me blogging urge, haha, i was actually so definitely going to sleep after eating it because im very sleepy and as i write this my eyes are half closed, but i dont know why after eating half bowl i reached for my laptop and pressed the power button -.- )

Well, Im now eating tangyuan! If you dont know what tangyuans are, basically they are just little blobs of round flour in redbean soup or starchy thick soup. I dont want to take photo of the tangyuans that im eating now because they are a gooey mess and dont actually look pleasant =x

When i reached home after work, i was welcomed with a big pot containing sticky liquid and little cute balls. I think it's one of those traditional festivals.

At first it was interesting to eat because the balls were so chewy and smooth. Haha, but after some time it dawned upon me that i was stuffing myself with bland balls of flour -.-

I prefer those tangyuans with peanut fillings! :( The ones im eating now are just plain flour with no fillings.

I think it's quite fun to make tangyuans leh. Hehe, i want to learn and make tangyuans for fun and force everyone to eat it! =p

Okay, i finished my second bowl already. I think i consumed alot of flour. Just flour and sugar and some water. Weird food. Im glad i dont have to eat this everyday. It's so stupid to eat something not delicious and get fat. I rather get fat eating a big juicy chicken drumstick everyday than eat tasteless flour.

VIDEO- Mother.
Anyway, I just saw this video made by royston tan in 2002 on jayden's blog, and found it nice! Watch!! (if you can't view the video below, you can go to this link: )


(no lah, i dont buy maxims. it was in our goodie bag from last night's party)

((actually several times i was tempted to buy maxims/fhms/playeur magazines because i like to see the pictures of pretty and hot ladies and their perfect figures, but dont dare because where got female buy this kind of magazine one! That's why i always ask boyfriend whether he want to buy anot. Heheheh, so that i can borrow after he's done =P ))

(((Girls cannot see pretty girls meh?? When i see a gorgeous girl on the streets i would look at her a little longer, but it doesn't mean that im lesbian right.)))

A psychology professor greeted his new class and said: "Would anyone who thinks he is stupid, please stand up?"

After a minute or so of silence, a young man stood up.

"well, hello there sir, so you actually think you are a moron? " the professor asked.

The kid replied: "No sir, i just didn't want to see you standing there all by yourself."

LG X110!
Actually when my original laptop's lcd broke, daddy wanted to buy this pretty little netbook laptop for me! It's small in size (10 inch), light, and pink!

I was so excited about getting it but my daddy itchy hand go bring my old laptop to repair then now my laptop is okay already so the order for the new laptop was cancelled! Boo :(

Now i have to go back to carrying my stupid heavy laptop. I think im carrying the heaviest laptop in school lor! I hate heavy laptops. It makes me even more clumsy than i already am T_T

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