Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If you are neither a fan of Energy nor BangBangTang, then i think you'll be damn bored scrolling down the crazy number of photos i took during the concert. I already deleted quite alot of them liao lor, so you can kinda guess the number of pics my camera shuttered that night. I had to keep deleting my old pictures every 10 minutes so that i have enought space to store bangbangtang in as my finger couldn't stop clicking on the shutter.

Im so sorry! i said i'll blog that night but i was very busy until now.

I dreamt of WangZi from bangbangtang afew mornings ago.
Hoho. It was a sweet romantic dream :)

- Organised by Singtel and SonyEricsson.

Thanks to Audrey and Hill&Knowlton for sponsoring the tickets! I was so excited about the concert for one whole week before the day because BangBangTang was going to be there. I've been loving them ever since i watched their idol drama "Brown Sugar Macchiato". Had tickets to admit 8 people, so i asked bf, suping. ruoxuan and her cousin to join me. Gave two tickets for sister and her "very-bangbangtang-fanatic" friend.

Had a photoshoot in the afternoon and i was 1 hour late cos the shoot had dragged =x Sorry ruoxuan and suping for making you sweeties wait so long for me!

The concert had no seats allocations. It was a standing concert and if you want to stand infront, you would have to be there early. Even sis who was there at 6plus (concert supposed to start at 7pm) exclaimed that the queue was already terrifying long.

As i was late, i thought i would miss the early part of the concert and have to stand very back. But luckily, audrey prepared media pass for me and i was given a seat ( i was thinking "oh, i can sit ah? great! cos my heels are hurting my poor toes already! ") at the media area, right infront of the stage! I was lucky that even though i was late, the concert only started just after i reach :D Heng ah!

JiaHui from FM93.3 was the host for the concert. She picked afew fans from the crowd to take part in some games with the boybangs. The hall was somehow separated into two groups of people. Cheers for Energy came mostly from the other side, while the girls behind me are totally Bangbangtang fans.

Energy came out to perform first. Im not a total fan of Energy but i kinda like them. Especially the new-comer, Xiao-gang. He looks so cute. Hee. Whenever the videoman is not infront, most of the us from the media area would crowd around the stage, and sometimes one of the members would come up to the front to let us take pictures. There was one moment when xiaogang was less than a metre from me, looking into my camera and smiling. OMG. But.... my camera's flash was too slow and by the time it clicked, he was up and dancing away already. I only managed to capture his shirt -.- BooHoo.

Finally, BangBangTang came out. I couldn't help but feel happy throughout their performance on stage. They're too cute to resist! Heh. SuPing commented that she preferred the mature energy more than bangbangtang, But BangBangTang reminded me of the pure secondary school days and it was nolstagic.

I can't believe that those 6 cuties i saw on youtube while watching their shows are actually in Singapore, right infront of my eyes!

During the games session, some of the fans got the chance to hug their favourite boys. The luckiest one should be the one that WangZi carried in his arms and even turned one round. Everyone screamed when he did that. I think all the girls there became crazy with envy when they saw the sight..

This kind of carry sia!! OMG. Once in a lifetime chance. If i was her, i wont be able to sleep for 3 nights i think.

What does this teaches us? Always raise up your hand when someone ask for volunteers to take part in games with the boybands.

Heh, had a great time that night!

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