Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maybe it was the morning coldness.

Guess what i wore out of home today?
A totally mismatched combination.

Faded light blue jeans,
White Kimono with Brown patterns,
& a starry white hoodie.

I can't wait to go home so that i can change clothes. I can't remember why i wore these anyway. I think i just pulled random pieces out of my wardrobe to cover up cos i was feeling very cold. This is a lesson to teach me to always look at myself in the mirror with awake eyes before leaving home every morning.

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Guess which one caught my eye?

Anyway, Sweets.sg updated! Finally, the 3rd episode is out after a long wait! The guest appearance for this episode was me and boyfriend!

I know i look funny.

Erm, the filming was done long ago, like ... MAY 2008!
When i was still with my horrendous gold short ugly hair, when my face was super chubby, when i still had some inconfidence issues (you can sense it from my body language), when i was too self-conscious, when i look like i need to go for plastic surgery (okay you are going to argue that i still need it now but you can't deny that i need it even more last time right). I think i look bad in the video. I guess im not very videogenic. *cries*

I want to kill jayden for taking such a long time to edit because it's so embarrassing to show this video now. If he had done it earlier, still not so embarrassing because at that time i look like the video and nobody would laugh lor!

i think i need to go for speaking ettiquette lessons! I think i look damn ugly when i open my mouth to speak. I need to control my mouth movements properly.

=( Time to practise infront of the mirror every night.

I told jayden that i want to have a reshoot with my current lovely long hair. Muahahahaha. I demand to have a new video shoot to redeem myself! Although i was very horrified with the way i look in the video, we still have to give credits to him and nadnut for their very good video productions. Go catch the other episodes too! No need to rewatch my episode okay. Watch once can liao. Dont hurt your tummy from laughing too much :)


Kind souls, do leave kind comments~ I need comforting words!

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