Sunday, December 14, 2008

I just received my first christmas present!
Right on my doorstep last night was this little gift from sony ericsson/one of my PR companies. I love receiving gifts by mail! The little metalic-coloured 2009-diary was also very pretty~ And i really like the calendar! Very creative one :D

It has been more than 2 months since i turned 18, the legal age to start learning driving. I didn't think much about driving until afew weeks ago when i was having lunch with Dinglong, i found out that he is already driving a car.

Damn cool lah!

Imagine not having to wait for cabs at long taxi queues and not having to spend $30 on sitting in a smelly cab!

But before that, we have to pass our driving tests :(

I went to and tried out the mock theory tests recently. The questions seem quite easy at first but i failed 3 times before i finally passed. I think it's because 90% is the passing mark.

Imagine how much money i would have to pay if not for this website which allows me to practice some mock tests first! I improved after each try and after afew tests, i can score full marks :D I think it's a really good learning tool.

There had been several testimonials left by other people who tried out the test and they think it's good too.

If you are going to take the driving theory tests soon, do try out! There are also other sections in the website, you can surf around and look look :D

Went for a casting with Winnie 2 days ago, and Xubin came along. After the casting, we went over to Cineleisure to have dinner and they treated me to movie :) The show we wanted to watch only had separate seats so we asked the ticket counter to recommend some shows. And so we bought tickets to this movie called HELL’S HIGHWAY: KM31

The movie was quite scary. But, dont watch it. Because not nice! The storyline is crap and meaningless. Halfway through the movie i was wishing it would end faster -.- Anyway, it's NC16.

Anyone want to buy this BRAND NEW, STILL IN PACKAGING tee from me? $15, including normal mail to your home :) Email to

I've lots of things havent blog about! But it's 1.27am now and im very sleepy. Good night people :) Will blog asap!

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