Friday, December 5, 2008

Took photos of a model named Kyi some time back with afew other photographers :) Her name is pronounced as "Key/Kee". When i called her on the phone for the first time, i said: "hi, are you the model Kay-Why-Ai" ?? Hahaha. She's very tall!

I'm offering portraits photography currently, so if you are interested in modelling for a set of photos to keep, you can email me to ask for my photography portfolio and charges for different packages. If you like my works, we can arrange for a photoshoot session. Dont worry about being male/female, old/young, fat/skinny, pretty or not, because I wont reject anyone paying for my services. The selected pictures will be burnt into a cd and mailed to your house with registered postage without additional costs.

It was a great experience working with those people who engaged my photography services for the past few weeks and i had fun! I'm sure they did too :)

Also, you would be doing a kind deed because a new laptop needs $$ and im not very rich currently :(

Email to :) Will reply you asap! Thanks people :D

Also, im not sure if you have received the email but Nuffnang is organising the FIRST LARGEST CHRISTMAS BLOGGER PARTY IN SINGAPORE on 20th Dec 2008, 6pm!

To be able to attend, you must write a blogpost for entrance! With regards to how the blogpost should be like, you can refer to the email, or this: Not only are 100 tickets (each admits 2) up for grabs, 3 top interesting posts will also receive fantastic prizes (air tickets leh!) !! There are also several other category prizes, so try out for them too!

Winnie and Me will be going, so catch you lovely people there! :D
Im very excited about the dressup part! It's like another halloween, except this time there's a theme!

Go get the entry tickets and make it the best party ever! ^^

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