Thursday, December 11, 2008

Utterly disgusted and disappointed by what you have just said. Those words should come out of a heartless selfish man. Not my boyfriend.

You are the closest person i am to. You know very well that you are the only person i could depend on. So you prefer to stay away from trouble and refuse to help? So you rather let me die on the streets alone? Okay, if that's what you want, fine. I can only say i was blind to be with you for 1 year and 2 months. What a big joke.

You call yourself a bf? I think my hi-bye friends care much more than you do.

A boyfriend's most basic requirement is to be responsible for their girlfriend's wellbeing. If you aren't even willing to carry that responsiblity, do you think you deserve my care?

If you can't handle me at my worst, then dont expect me at my best. I've already said this before: I'll only put in effort for people who sincerely put in effort for me.

It's no use treating me good for one week when the other 3 weeks of the month you treat me like shit. Forget it.

I dont care about how much assets you have, what academic qualificationis you possess, how many branded goods you can afford. I just need you to be there as a boyfriend and support me as much as you can when i need it (& doing things reluctantly only after i lose my temper is not counted).

AND TO COMMENTOR "TECK": I know you will defend him again. Just keep quiet for once and leave me alone okay. What you know is only 1/10 of the truth... You dont understand. Thank you.

How could i live with a man like this?
I ask myself.

But i ask myself again,
How could i walk away easily and leave you just like this?

I dont understand why i can't blog about my feelings towards my bf on my blog. A blog is like an online diary for me to share my feelings with readers like friends to friends. If i were to only write superficial entries, dont you people feel that will make my blog a very unfeeling one? My site is not just an entertainment site for you readers. It also serves as a platform for me to reveal my inner feelings. Im already restricting myself from revealing too much on this blog already. If even this kind of stuff also cannot rant, then this blog has already lost its initial purpose.

i dont expect him to be like superman and magically appears whenever i need him. All i want is that little effort, that little word called "TRY".

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