Monday, December 29, 2008


Both physically and emotionally.

So much going on.
So much not yet done.
So much at the back of my mind that im trying to avoid thinking about but it keeps disturbing me.

... I know im just trying to convince myself that everything's gonna turn out right in the end. But sometimes, reality lets you take a peek at it accidentally and you realise you are just trying to run away from the bits and parts of nasty reality.

What should my next step be?

For someone like me who has lived a life of great suayness, i dont believe i'll ever get lucky. I think im bounded to take the rougher road of future. *sigh!*

Since young, i've always tried to stay motivated by reminding myself that: When someone says you can't, show them you can. In the end, surprisingly i did manage to fufil some ambitions that everyone thought was impossible for me, things that even i never thought i could.

And so, i mustn't give up. Right?

**okay, im just babbling away about my current thoughts. you dont have to understand this entry. good night great people! have a nightmare, mean people!

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