Friday, April 13, 2007

AUDITION with nicholas ^^

When my clothes above expire after one month, i've to buy new clothes again. Which one below suits me more?? I was playing happily yesterday when someone from the game told me that she thinks she has read my blog before. I was startled as I don't remember telling anyone my nickname in audi is "ice_candy". haha. Thinking that she could have made a mistake, i asked her what the blog name was. She replied " the miracle season" . OMG. how did she know?? She said she guessed only. wow. She must be a terrific guesser then. haha.

i said: i sound like iceangel here meh?
she says: abit.

I don't even know people could recognise me from the way i speak.. I thought the way i talked was just the same with everyone else =x

Identity Revealed. Haha.

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