Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's 12 midnight currently and i'm blogging here with my eyes struggling to stay open. I'm afraid if i go to sleep now, i wont remember anything i did today to blog about. haha.

Alright. Let's play some lame guessing game: GUESS who went out with me today?

Ok ok. It's indeed lame. His name is Nicholas and he has been grumbling about why i didn't mention his nice name in my blog for the past few days even though i was talking/smsing/playing games with him whole day long. Haha. He should be satisfied now because im dedicating the whole of this post to him -.-

And yeap, we "had fun" going all over singapore. Within less than 10 hours, we went from our homes (he lives in boonlay and i live in pasir ris) , to paya lebar, to outram park, choa chu kang, novena, bukit timah, clementi, bedok, and back to pasir ris. Wooosh. Our ezlink card's money wooooshed out quite fast too. haha.

Ate lunch at ChoaChuKang. there wasn't any airconditioned food place near where we were standing in Outram Park and we HAD TO eat in somewhere airconditioned. We were both dripping with salty sweat because of the big shiny sun.

Enter Long John Silvers in Lot1, and realised that other than us, everyone else dining there are students -.- We felt like we were eating in a school canteen and felt super out-of-place! Nicholas LOVES coke ( he loves them more than he loves me i think. haha) and he likes drinking them with 2 straws. haha. Everyone have their wierd habits. Er. I mean, Special habits =x

And we walked around Lot1. Every inch of Lot1. From basement to the highest level. One word, Boring. Set off for Novena soon after, to collect my maybelline lipstick from the Dress-me-up voting contest. The person was friendly and she took a photo of me with the lipstick. haha. Although the shot was taken from top angle, i have a feeling that i won't look nice in the pic -.- I always look bad in Youth.sg's camera. Maybe they should change to one that have lesser mega-pixels so that my features wont be so clear. haha. I didn't take any photo of that lipstick. i don't see the point when you can see how it looks like at any watson store.

Wasted quite alot of time in one of the staircases in Novena Square. Or VeloCity. I don't know. We got quite lost there. haha.

We wasted time in the staircase................. doing nothing else except taking photo. lol. it would be wierd if we started snapping photos in the middle of a shopping centre, so we found the staircase. haha. i wonder why my eyes still look so small after applying 3 layers of mascara. One lengthening maybelline masacra, one loreal darkening mascara, and one maybelline sky high curves.

he says my hands are too short to hold the camera further away.

and so he began to show off his long hands by putting the camera so far away. haha. i think he look abit unlike his real face in this picture. He looks better in real life. I'm still going to put this picture up because i think i look nice. =D

He think's he looks handsome in this pose. Hahaha. Yea, he so skinny that i looked like a pumpkin beside him.

He loves his hair. I don't know if he loves coke more or his hair. He talks about both of them all the time.

After getting up the wrong bus and panicking in it, we reached Bedok safely and met up with ChoonPeng after that. Took a photo with her, but it's in her handphone. Must wait for her to send it to me :) Anyway, we had some pasar malam food. I love pasar malams because their food are so yummy. Close your eyes and forget about the fatty oils and munch the chicken drumstick happily. hee.

Over to Pasir Ris at last and ate dinner very late. So big plate and so small piece of chicken chop. i didn't finish the rice. it was tasteless. haha.

oh. good news. i didn't camwhore after i got home today :)

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