Saturday, April 21, 2007

im at youthsg

I was in the bus this morning and while looking out of the window like i always do, i saw this student couple at a voiddeck. There had been many newspaper articles writing about students in uniform acting intimately in public places like mrt stations, voiddecks or anywhere that everyone could see. Most of the comments made about them are negative.

However, sometimes people tend to make a big issue out of something small. Students in uniform hold hand, you take out your handphone and snap. Students kiss in mrt trains, SNAP. Students hug, SNAP. Well, what's wrong with hugging and kissing? I don't agree with touching each other all over intimately, or a recent incident where a couple had sex on the bus. But, i don't find any big deal about hugs and kisses. Me myself, i do hug and kiss my boyfriends in public places, even in mrt trains. I don't find anything wrong with it because if others dont like what im doing, they don't have to look my way. They can just look out of the window, or just close their eyes and sleep. It's not like we are doing anything RA.

In most cases, people would say the reason is because the couple involved are students, in school uniform. See that? Keywords are "students" and "school uniform". Does that mean that adults can do that in public and it's okay? If your main point is that looking at students kissing on mrt trains is an eyesore, why wouldn't adults kissing be an eyesore then? Students and Adults are both humans, what's the difference?

One ridiculous case was that a student couple were punished by their schools and even threatened to be suspended from taking O levels when someone took a photo of them hugging in school uniform. Just hugging. Is it even that serious? Every school, no matter prestigious or not, will bound to have students dating. Even if you managed to separate a couple, you won't be able to stop all.

It's a new generation, folks. In the past, guys aren't even allowed to touch girls, not even their hands~! As time past, there are bound to be changes. It's just that we have to learn and control. anything more intimate than french kiss, do it in the comfort of your own homes, and not in buses. As for hugging and kissing, i would think that most of us are able to accept it. You will see huggings and kissings everywhere even if students are not doing that anyway.

I do agree that youngsters nowsadays are getting more and more open-minded towards sex though. Most of the girls around me have lost their virginity, and some of them haven't even passed their 14 year old birthday. For me, i would think that the main factor is Peer influence. In the past, our parents would teach us to rebutt " If you love me you will respect me" when the guy says " you dont love me if you dont do it ". However, this is not proven to be of use anymore.

You rebutt them with that sentence and most probably they'll break up with you. It's so easy now to find a girlfriend that he could have sex with anytime, why would he need you? From a male's point of view, he would probably be thinking, since his friends and their girlfriends could do intimate things together, he dont see why he should be left out. It becomes a "must" for his girlfriend to have sex with him like how his friends' girlfriends do. Also, there might be a possiblity that his friends have all losen their virginity, so he wants to lose it too in order not to sound gayish.

For the girls' side, there is also peer pressure. Out of 5 friends i have, 3 are not virgins anymore. When people around you are all non-virgins, you will definitely feel that losing virginity is no big deal. Well, unless you are lucky and the people around you are all people who treasure their body and are clean virgins. That way, most probably you will reject your boyfriend's request too. You'll be thinking: "since my friends can remain virgin, why can't i? "

I respect girls who knows how to protect their dignity instead of giving in to their young boyfriends. Hey girls, you never know whether this guy is going to be the one married to you in the future. True, he might really love you now, but who could predict what will happen in the future?

I don't despise girls who lost their virginity at a young age because i know it's difficult to keep it till marriage with our teenagers current mindsets and temptations around. But, i don't encourage them though. Hugs and kisses can be given 10, 100, or even 1000 times, but virginity is only once. Treasure it and don't risk regretting it in the future :)

This is an article submitted for Final round of blogging contest, Topic: Social Issues. I had been hesistating whether to join because i couldn't find a topic to talk about. Haha. This article is all thanks to the student couple at the voiddeck :)

- I think we were supposed to add some pictures to enhance our entries but i really couldn't find any appropriate photos. This topic where got decent photos to put!! haha.

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