Wednesday, April 11, 2007


- Teachers are not called teachers in polytechnics. We call them facilitors. (did i spell correctly?) Hmmm. I prefer calling them teachers. Facilitors sounds like something from toilets. i can imagine myself asking: " Teacher, then after we do this we do what?" , but i'll feel wierd saying: "facilitor, can you repeat what you have just said?". Facilitor sounds like some THING, not someONE.

- My class is a mixture of different students of different courses :) Great, because i can get to know future doctors, scientists, engineers, businessmen and flimmakers.

- My teacher/facilitor talks verrrrrrry slowly. Slow is okay. What's worst is that other than just taking slowly, he talks alot too. Something which could be said in 5 minutes, he can spend 15 minutes or more explaining it. My breaktime got shorten by 15 minutes because of him -.-

- Teacher is not concentrating. He keeps taking out his handphone to look at his messages. Or maybe not messages. Maybe he has a wallpaper of a pretty women in bikini =x

- I love school food. Yummy!

- I'm now bankrupt because i bought a new pair of heels for school and a new bag that can support the heavy weight of my laptop, makeup set, a pen, my wallet, clorets, mp4 and handphone. Gosh. I want a chauffeur to bring me home everyday! If not, at least help to carry my laptop home! It's damn heavy.

- I don't have any jeans in my wardrobe. I wore sister's one today. I wonder what to wear next. I don't want to waste a hundred bucks on 3 boring new long jeans.

- I love where i sit in class. *winks*

- What i dread most about going back to school is waking up at 5:30am every morning :(

- im super tired now.

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