Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seriously, i'm pissed.

Who gave those people the rights to make assumptions to who i make friends with, who i date with and how i behave?? Even my bestie knows not to interfere with my privacy when she's not supposed to.

Who gave you guys the idea that i wrote everything that happened to me in my blog?? Of course i sound like i accept every single guy that comes my way because i've been changing boyfriends very quickly this few weeks. But please, think about it. You don't even know what happened between us, and how many guys i rejected within this period of time. Would i be so crazy to tell you the names of EVERY SINGLE GUY that i know, EVERY SINGLE GUY that asked me out and EVERY SINGLE GUY that called me to chat?? Of course i dont do that. Things that i update in my blog are only things are play a significant role.

It's my life, so shut up. Who i date with is none of your business. Even if im really that easy, it doesn't harm you and im not dating your boyfriend so why do you care.

Yada Yada, i know you people will say that if i don't want people to invade my privacy, i should not have updated in this blog. I'm not pissed about the criticsms people infer from my looks, my way of taking photos, or the way i speak. I'm pissed about the way people MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. You people think you know everything about me?? You can't see what kind of person i am exactly just by reading my blog.

Sometimes, you people make me feel very pressurized on what kind of person i should be. I feel restricted by the standards you guys set for me. I'm not perfect. I just want to be myself. I just want to go out with whoever i want. I just want to have fun. Do i have to ask you people permission before i can go out with this or that guy? Do i have to ask you whether i can give this guy my number? You are not my mummy.

Remember that i'm just a typical girl out there who has a blog. A blog for me to update whatever i want. There are so many other blogs out there. Why dont you people flood there instead?

*anger released*

Photos Update:

Just a simple common pair of heels. Cost only ten bucks. Hehs. Who needs expensive heels for going to school? I'm bound to break them within 2 weeks anyway =x
And... this will be how i look like IF i cut my hair short. It doesn't suit me i think. Haha. Was just playing around with my hair. Mirror is dirty.

Play this video:

haha! did those childhood memories come back to you?? It used to be my favourite song when i was younger. This song was playing everywhere on the streets during that period of time and everyone was caught up in the ParaParaSakura craze. It was such a long time ago already and i would have forgotten about this song if my sister hasn't played it that day :)

Without my remindings, i think most of you have forgotten to vote for me again! hee. Do click and vote, thankyou :)

Sister's friends are here. Got to let them use this pc while i use my laptop now. byebye!

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