Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I sms-ed: I look round today because i wore round earrings :(
Fiona replied: I look square today because i wore square earrings.

She didn't look square at all though.

Yesterday was officially first day of school. Relaxing! 7 and 1/2 hours in school, 3 and a 1/2 hours are breaktimes. That actually means, only 4 hours studying in classrooms!! =) hee. time definitely pass faster in polytechnics than secondary schools.

One thing i don't like about my school is that it is so far away from my home! Well, no choice, as it's the only school i could enter with my bad o'level results. Alright. Blame it on me playing online games everynight before exams =x

Well, since my school was so far away, i had to wake up very early in the morning just to catch the bus. And, the bus was super hard to catch. Every bus that comes along would be full and too packed to let more passengers get up. After 4 buses, i finally got up the 5th bus yesterday leaving behind a big bunch of RP students impatiently waiting at the bustop for the 6th bus.

Fiona, Angeline and Me became cleverer this morning by taking the MRT. this way, we wont have to stand for the whole journey on buses squeezing with other sweaty bodies and smelling the dandruffy hair of the person infront of us. hehs. However, we were late again because Mrt trip is so much longer than buses. I was the last to reach class yesterday and today, hopefully not tomorrow or the rest of the month though. haha. It's a wonder why my classmates are ALL very-punctual people. haha.

After i stopped working at FashionLab, i seems to have really grown rounder. Arghh.

Nicholas fetched me home after school. Saved me from the heavy weight of the laptop in my bag. hee. He went to visit mummy at her workplace with me. He insisted on doing that -.-

Alright. I know this is a random post. haha. I started off with alot of things in my mind that i wanted to blog about. But as i went on rambling about uninteresting things, those things that i actually wanted to blog about flew away.

Oh well, forget it. Do Visit the-image-model for the latest updates! this time, our ordering period only lasts for 5 days, till 22nd April~!!


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