Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My daily grades for last week has been posted out already. Hee~ Time to analyse them. Yes, i'm really that boliao =)

Monday: Communication- B
We were supposed to create an item made from recycled items and make a set of instructions with at least 8 steps. My team created a foldable chair, which you can carry around, then sit on it in mrt trains when there's no seat available. Come to think of it, it's such a stupid invention la. How could anyone sit peacefully on a not-so-stable chair in the middle of so many sweaty bodies cramping in a fast moving mrt? I'm surprised i didn't fail this one.

Tuesday: Enterprise Skills- C
Not surprised. I don't even know what's the meaning of "Enterprise". Haha.

Wednesday: Cognitive Processes &Problem solving- B
Teacher stated alot of good points in my comment box but proceed to give a B. Grrr. Well, nevermind.

Thursday: Basic Science- A
Yay. Finally an "A". it was quite surprising because my seating place on that day was just next to the teacher's table, and i was constantly msn-ing, and surfing the net. I wasn't even participating in his class dicussion about blood types. Hee. All i did that day was demonstrating to the class how to play a game =.=

Friday: Computing and Mathematical Methods- B
Wheeets. At first when teacher taught us complicating programming stuffs that is made even more complicating than it already was with some sort of quadratic equations, i gave up listening to her talk. I don't even understand what she was blabbering about. I surfed the net for the whole day and at the last minute when we were gven our assignments, i figured out the whole concept myself. I couldn't help but brag about my sucess to everyone who is willing to listen. haha. it's amazing hor! Me, Esther the Maths-failure, can do mathematical computing stuffs without listening to instructions?? Wow. It must be my greatest acheivement for the week.

In conclusion, my average score for my first week in school is B~!! not bad luh, but i wish to do better. I want more "A"s!! Oh no, i sound like a nerdy geek now.

oh ya. i just found out something. in other schools, the students have to attend at least 75% of the school days in order to be able to pass. But our school, we can must come to school for at least 87.5% of the school term. Not fair :(

I don't like enterprise classes. They are killing me.

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