Sunday, April 1, 2007

I've shaved BOTAK!!

nah. just kidding. heee. Happy April Fool~! that was a rather lame joke for April Fool, but so much better than those tricks my sister taught me though. Her friends tricked her with sms messages that are something like "i'm behind you.. hahaha. happy april fool day".

-.- i didn't dare use the "i had an accident and i'm now at Changi Hospital." kind of joke. i'm super supertitious and i'm afraid anything i say will become a curse. i don't even dare to replace myself into "my sister" or "my father" because i'll feel double guilty if anything really happened. Maybe i can say "great great great grandfather". he has passed away already and nothing could happen to him anyway :)

I think my computer is playing an April Fool trick on me now :( It is lagging like hell and i'm very pissed off by it. Grrr.

Yesterday was finally my last day of working at FashionLab, and Supervisor once again tried persuading me to help out for afew more days. I don't want to fall for her trick again and kept shaking my head saying "don't want don't want. very tired. don't want." hahaha. So now, my stubborness paid off and i'm now happily jobless at home shaking my legs.

Mum asked me to help out at her stall today, and for the first time in many months, i walked out of my house door without make-up! i felt so uncomfortable and was wishing endlessly that i wouldn't bump into friends or someone who reads my blog. Her stall is just afew minutes walk away from home, so i couldn't possibly dress up and put on makeup because it would be so riduculous. That's why i say, i envy natural beauties all the time. Because they don't need to spend so much on cosmetics to enhance their looks. They look wonderful anytime, anywhere.

Huimin visited me at workplace yesterday. I haven't seen her for afew months already, and she looked super different from how she looked like when we were in school. So much prettier and i definitely love her violet contact lens. Too bad we couldn't take photos because i was working. Next time, girl :)

I realised that i've been spurgling alot for the past few days. Except for 3 tops and 1 fake eyelash, the rest of my money was spent on food. I don't know why but i don't seem to be able to resist any food that is within 3 metres around me. Oh gosh. I should learn to stay at home and face the computer whole day long. At least no food will be stuffed into my mouth.

I'm almost bankrupt now and i desperately need money! Selling off these items :) Email me at if you are interested in them. Items will be sold to the first person who confirmed. Bank Transfers or meetups are both available. Price Negotiatable.

Reason For Selling: Size too big for me now.
Colour: Light Green
Size: L
Description: Worn only Once.
Original Price: $39 at Fashionlab.
My Price: $ 33

Reason For Selling: I've alot of off-shoulders
Colour: Dark Navy Blue
Size: Free Size
Description: Off shoulder.
My Price: $ 18

Colour: Orange
Size: M
Description: Orange Puff Sleeve
Original Price: $39 at Fashionlab.
My Price: $12 (because it's not exactly very new)

Note: Lighting in picture is lousy and no proper hanger =x
Colour: Green
Size: S
Description: Comes together with necklace and inner white piece
My Price: $ 12

Colour: White
Size: S
Description: Simple cutting with golden plates.
My Price: $ 8

Reason For Selling: Lazy to use. (used only twice)
Description: Nivea Visage Refreshing Toner With sea minerals and provitamin B5. For normal to combination skin.
Original Price: $6.90 or 8.90
My Price: $4

Reason For Selling: Size too small.
Colour: Pink
Size: M
Description: Just bought it this morning.
My Price: $ 15

I have more to sell, but lazy to take photos of them currently. Nextime bah.

Omg. I was practically jumping from one topic to another without any connections and almost all the topics are meaningless. Gahhhhhhh. Boring Boring. I think i need some sleep.

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