Thursday, April 19, 2007

Went to collect our new poly-student ezlink cards yesterday, and... the colour is so ugly. It's orange with a little patches of green. Such an incompatiable colour match! My blue secondary school ezlink card looks so much better now compared to the new one, although i dont really like blue.

Reach school early today for the first time. Hee. I was always the last to reach class for the past few days, and i'm beginning to get the title of "late-queen" by my classmates. haha. I was finally unlate today because fiona's classmate kindly sent us to school in his car. Saw shocked faces when i entered the classroom.

Nothing much to update, everyday is just about the same. Digging through my old files and found these very amazing artist paintings. Each and every piece is very unique, and gives a very magical feeling. See them carefully and you'll see what's so special about these paintings!

The artists are really creative and talented, aren't they?

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