Friday, April 20, 2007

Nicholas: Take bus to school faster.
Me: but i want take mrt.
Nicholas: But bus faster.
Me: SO?
Nicholas: So Soya Bean Bean. DustBean (bin).
Me: *Burst Out Laughing*

I've have been neglecting and throwing unreasonable tempers at him due to school tiredness this few days. Sorry, Nicholas. Thanks for putting up with me and my moodswings. Will try to spend more time on you, and treat you the way you deserve! =D

Submitted a new blogskin. It's quite different from my normal style because this one is cheerful and bright. Do take a look, rate, comment, favourite and download if you have a account!! thanks alot :)

Click on the screenshot below to enter

I realised i still don't know who's my school principal =x

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