Friday, April 6, 2007

Due to the fact that republic poly wants every student to own a laptop, Daddy bought a new one for me. It's black, thick, boring and i don't like it. hahs. Where can i find nice laptop skins? I'm going to save up enough money to change the boring way my laptop look :) I doubt i can save up enough money before school starts though. I still have to buy bags, heels and clothing. Aaaah. there's so much things in the world for me to buy, and the worst thing is i don't have all the money in the world to pay for them. grrr.

Daddy accompanied me to Republic Poly yesterday to configure the laptop, and because Pasir Ris is super far from Woodlands, we had to sit through 1 hour in the bus. Omg. how my butt hurted after the bus trip! i don't know how me and Fiona are going to survive sitting on the bus every morning when school starts.

( the trees look like dragon-dance )

After finally being able to stand up after alighting the bus, we had to SIT through 4 hours of computer programme installation at the school. And after surving the 4 hours, we sat down again for lunch. No choice la. Food is piority over my butt. And then, we had to SIT the one hour bus trip back to pasir ris again.

went to the hair salon after that to trim my hair and SIT again. haha.

I LOVE MY NEW HAIR, because it's not thick like lion hair anymore. Hee.
( i took several photos, with and without spects. I ended up picking the ones without spects. I should really stop taking photos of myself without spects because i feel they don't really look like me. =x )

My hair is still Copper Golden Blonde. It's just the hue that i've changed that makes my hair look red.

I don't know why but i love this photo. They keep telling me that the angle made my face looked roundish. haha. nevermind la. my face IS fatty anyway -.-

Cocked-Eye!! I think i applied eyeliner to my eyelids wrongly yesterday. Haven't been putting makeup for the past few days mah. That's why forgot how to use eyeliner already. =x

Was supposed to meet up with Gabriel for movie after cutting hair but i cancelled it. How could i still SIT through 2 hours of movie?? haha.

Alright, you guys must be thinking i'm exaggerating about my butt. "Altogether just 2 hours of bus ride, 1 hour of hairdresser chair, 4 hours of school bench and 30 mins of food court chair ONLY mah~~"

Well, i've been playing the Audition game infront of the computer for the past 4 days from morning till moonrise. How pain will your butt be if you were me?

of course, VERY PAIN!


P/S my audition-game nickname is NOT Ice-Angel. Stopped playing for 3 months already and is now trying to recover from lack-of-skills. That was my reason for lack of posts recently. Pardon Pardon :)

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