Saturday, November 7, 2009

My hp mini arrived. SO DAMN HAPPY.
Dad's installing the necessary programs now. So excited.

Anyway, anyone knows how to narrow a widescreen so that it becomes normal screen? Cos my new netbook the screen is widescreen one but i dont like widescreen cos my face becomes fatter!

How to narrow it? :(

Except for it being stupidly widescreen,
i totally love the light weight and chio outerskin.
Take picture let you all see nextime okay? :D

Above picture credits to ChrisL.

I'm so forgetful recently.

Sometimes, something interesting happens or someone said something funny, i would think to myself "ok i must blog about this!" but then in the end when im in front of my laptop, i TOTALLY FORGET what it is about!

I had an amazing and great time today. HEN KAI XIN!
*big smile!*

I'm putting facemask now. So shuang.
Haha. Feels cooling and fresh.
♥ ♥ ♥

My blogshop just updated with 6th collection as well! I like the response for collection 5. keep them coming!

My favourite for this collection is this ripped back piece :D

MYSECRETROSE's space at BEST OF BLOGSHOPS, far east plaza #04-145 already opened! It's near the main escalator. Go and support my items k? Most of the designs there are not available in the online store. Chosen by my partner :) Prices range from 18 to around 30. Please help me spread the word if possible. Thanks!!

Bumped into Baobao the other day. One picture to end this short and random entry! :)

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