Monday, November 9, 2009


Ingredients needed:
Sushi rice (half a cup)
One egg

One slice of chicken patty
One or two hotdogs

This one is easy. Im sure you can do it as well!

1) Add a pinch of salt into the rice water, if not it'll be tasteless. After the rice cooker switched to warm mode, you may scoop rice into a ricemould and cover it (make sure you squeeze enough rice, so that it wont be loose). I used a heartshape mould for this and i usually keep the rice inside the mould until i finish everything else, as i want the rice to stick together firmly.

2) Cut the chicken patty into small pieces, and then fry them with little oil. After it turns golden brown, put them into a cupcake holder like i did.

3) Fry a sunny side up. Squeeze it into the cupcake holder. I was so pleased with myself for frying an egg without bursting the yolk area. Haha.

4) Cut the hotdogs into pieces and then fry them. It is usually easier to cut them when they are hard and frozen than when they are hot and soft.

5) After this you can arrange the items in the lunch box. Use carrots and a veggie cutter to make decorations. I used sesame seeds and grass dividers as well.

Easy right?!!


I was lazy to mould the rice, and i was using normal rice for this bento. I pushed it to a square, and then fried an egg, folded it into a square, and placed it on top of the rice.

Afterwards, i boiled a couple of meatballs, afew slices of meat and some veggie with the soup mum made (ok i cheated. i dont know how to make soup so i use my mum's soup. hahaha)

The fried thingy below just two pieces of marinated minced meat (marinated with salt, soya sauce, pepper, and black sauce)

Decorated with grass dividers and a flag!



Haha, i did this in like 10 minutes i think? Haha. I took out leftover wanton from the fridge, reheated them, fried a slice of hotdog (it's behind the dog divider in this picture haha) ((okay i never fry it i microwaved it.. but then i learnt that you cannot microwave a frozen uncooked hotdog because it will taste horrible. haha)). I reheated and moulded leftover sushi rice, then added a flower carrot on top and threw small pieces of carrot all around ( to add colour but apparently it didn't do its job). And then i added grass dividers to make it look more like a specially made bento than an anyhow do one. haha.


I pity sis, who ate everything (while complaining.)

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