Saturday, November 21, 2009

The MYSECRETROSE space at far east plaza #04-145 has just updated with alot more nice pieces of apparels! Go support okay?

If you buy my items from the retail shop, just email me [] with a photo of your receipt and home address and i'll send a small personal xmas gift to you! =) Whilst stocks last okay. It's just a small token of appreciation for your support lah :D Only one entry per person! Anyway, dont try to fraud the receipt cos i'll be checking my stocks with the inventory list i have! =)

Anyway, the onlineshop will be updated with many new designs on monday or tuesday! Stay tuned alright!

SX and me found this steamboat place right behind bugis junction. $19.20 per pax, abit higher than those to the back of the alley, but i find that it's so much worth it!

You get steamboat, grill, and cooked crab/prawns/etc etc! If you like crabs but cannot afford to go to expensive places like Jumbo, then go to this place! The crabs are smaller, but they are free flow!!!! I had two big plates of the crabs.

A little tip though, come early in the evening when they havent served many customers because later into the night when more people come, the place would get really dirty. The place is too small, so there's alot of people squeezing for the food.

Whenever i walk in to get food, i have an annoying instinct to puke cos the way they handle food is quite unhygenic. That's why i got sx to get everything for me and i just enjoy my food outside. Haha.

And the meat. I dont know why i didn't feel like eating the pork slices anymore after eating a slice or two. Until i got into the place where they handle the meat then i know why already. They put different kinds of meat into ONE freezer. Pork, Lamb, and Beef. I dont eat beef due to religious beliefs, and i guess that's the reason why i didn't feel like eating it (yes, even before i got to know that this pork has touched beef before).

When i was in primary school, also like this! I didn't eat macdonalds alot then, so when teacher handed out cheeseburgers for school activity at that time, i didn't know it contains beef. But i puked out everything after one bite and stopped eating the burger.

I think my tongue buds rejects beef automatically. Haha.

These crabs are really spicy but really yummy too!!

Chilli prawns. Also very nice!

Crayfish. Abit smelly. I think not fresh.

Went to the arcade afterwards.

We spent almost all our chips on this station. We spent alot of time playing the PhotoHunt game! Addicted already lah. Haha. Had loads of fun.

Went to swensens for icecream afterwards.

Enjoyed this day!!

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