Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's bento time again. Haha.


- Minced meat marinated with soya sauce, salt, pepper (i think i added dark sauce as well)
- Wanton skin
- Sushi Rice
- Seaweed
- Fish Cutlet
- Carrot
- Chilli Sauce

Used my metal rabbit mould for cutting the fish cutlet, then used the carrot as eyes. At the bottom of the bento box is wantons. Fried the leftover sides from the fish cutlet with chilli sauce. Then used flower cutter on the carrot to decorate abit with the grass dividers. Rice ball with seaweed.


This is a lazy bento. Haha.
Riceball wrapped with afew stripes of seaweed, chilli prawns, fried minced meat chunks. Then i just use the animal and grass dividers to decorate abit with carrots. Easy right!

Recently very lazy to make bentos liao. I think my interest die off already. Haha.

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