Saturday, November 28, 2009


My pink pen. (actually is SX anyhow buy one but he shouldn't be using a pink pen so i exchanged a blue one with him for this one. haha)

My eyes brightened up at the sight of this sticker on the BigBreakfast that sx bought for me. He special ordered extra meat patty for me!!!!!!! He knows that i love it :)


One is nice, but eat too much abit urgh.

SX: *peeling prawns*
Female Colleague: Who you peeling for?
SX: My girlfriend lor.
Female Colleague: Help me peel lei! =D
SX: Deng Jiu! (wait long long)

I remember when i just got to know him, he mentioned about not liking to peel prawns even for himself to eat because he hate dirtying his hands. However on one of our dates (when we havent got together), he peeled some prawns for me and told me that it's the first time he ever peeled prawns for a girl. Even when girls/girlfriends sajiao him to peel in the past, he also reject one. Heh. What happened today made me feel special all over again.

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