Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I may be bland, normal and average;
& although my life's a horrible unlucky drama at times (well, most of the time), i still have to be grateful that im actually also wonderfully blessed in other areas.

& that i have you :)
I like to replay the period of time when we just got to know each other, starting to know more, when we were sort-of dating, and when we just started being together.

Those moments were so magical and unbelievable. Sometimes i wish i could replay everything on dvd because i want to re-enjoy every single thing all over again. It's really interesting about how 2 strangers could end up being so close to each other.

I think the snippets will continue flashing in my mind.
Till memory fails me.

I've so much to blog about, yet so little time for the past few days. Everytime i got alot of time, i dont have blogging mood. Then when i got no time, i suddenly got alot blogging mood!

Anyway im editing pictures for my blogshop's new updates. I think i'll be launching it shortly after this entry. You can come back again later in the day. Many variety, but stock per design is limited so you have to be fast! :)

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