Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Its a pleasure to do what people say you can't do.

I've havent been blogging properly, nor blogging as frequent as i should. Well, gotta say that i've been busy stressing over quite a number of things. So when i get home, usually i just want to plop onto my bed and hug my pillow, or just stare at the tv.

I'm feeling quite disheartened at some things that arent going my way. I do wish life was nicer and easier for me.

Oh welllllllllllll.

The current song on my repeat list is Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Can go here to listen: The chorus is quite catchy. It's on loop in my brain. Haha.

Alright, now to clear some random photos i took. And let me start with a totally random picture!

I love this milo icecream! Cheap, but it's thick enough for my liking.

I collected many Mcdonalds monopoly stickers but didn't get to use the numerous "free fries". Lol.

Me and SX usually have breakfast at Mcdonalds! I love the bigbreakfast.

I think these bears are cute. Sis purposely made them cover their faces with the pillow.

I forgot where this picture was taken.

Nor do i remember eating this.

Ikea with the family.

Their chicken wings are oh-so-yummy.

I love their soft icecream. I always look forward to the end of the ikea trip cos the icecream shop is at the paying counters. Lol. It's usually in cone but i prefer eating icecream from cups. So unenvironmental-friendly i know.

Another breakfast with sx, before school. That's the 2nd picture of him drinking water in this post. Haha.

Okay, and another random picture to end it off.

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