Friday, November 20, 2009

Im so tempted to put on hair extensions again!!
I miss having long long long long hair :(

Wish my real hair would faster grow long long. People say my hair look the same length with or without hair extensions but i think got difference! My hair so short.

Recently i very slack.
After school go home. Even if i go out also awhile only, then very lazy to take pictures. But today's gonna be different! After school test im gonna meet up with nadia! So excited to see her short hair. Haha.

She wanna go Milly's to do manicure and pedicure. I dont know go there do what. See how lor :D

Did a loreal roadshow with Esther some weeks back. Actually quite long ago already. The pay was quite nice and immediate cash after work. Damn good luh!

The mini van from cosmosine.

There was the Calendar Guys 2009 competition infront of us for two days, so we got entertained. haha.

Anyway im going to introduce you all to a 120-colours eyeshadow palette soon. Stay tuned okay!

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