Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks to Hill&Knowlton, i received tickets to watch Angela Zhang's 5th season concert at Max Pavillion! So happy. I remembered last year they gave me tickets to watch Lollipop's concert as well. I still feel damn high whenever i remember that night. Love those bunch of guys.

Gave 5 pairs out to some lucky readers, a pair to chrisL (who said he's an angelazhang fan), and one pair for myself with sx!

On the bus. Already so excited!
14 tickets! :)

Sx couldn't be bothered. Lol.

3rd row seats! But from the side :(

That's chris beside me!

I want her tiny nose.

I like the jawline and high cheekbones too.

SX's hand. I forgot why he made that gesture.

From that "xiaoxi" in that basketball drama MVP valentine, she has really grown alot prettier!

I've some videos of her singing to share, but the uploading is super slow. Will embed the codes here when its done. Meanwhile i shall go sleep first. Goodnights!

(oh ya btw we went to the Food expo before and after the concert. hahaha. damn fun luh, cos everything so cheap then i say i want, sx just buy. So happy. lol. Ate alot.

Bought two servings of Laksa, two servings of sharkfin soup, chicken rice, 5 coconut tutukuehs, 3 of that flat green tapioca thingy, golden fried rice with scallop, mee tai bak, rice dumpling, kong ba bao ((very nice!!!!)), braised chicken wing, and mango juice! I dont remember whether still got more. Should be have. Haha. Gluttons.

So full. Sx bought food for mummy as well. If everywhere food portion so small and so cheap, i'll be damn happy. Can eat alot of variety, and wont so expensive.)

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